The start of my garden

  • It all started when my sister asked me to go to a class about green smoothies. I was hesitant; I didn’t think that a green smoothie would be something I would ever drink. I went anyway and loved it! Robin Openshaw, the green smoothie girl, had an amazing class on the benefits of drinking green smoothies. I bought the blender, stocked up on spinach, kale, and broccoli, and my family and I started drinking them every day. But we were going through so much spinach, I decided to try and grow my own greens to save money.

    Several years ago I had built a traditional raised bed garden in the back corner of the yard. Sad to say, I had neglected it and it was overgrown with weeds and an aggressive patch of bamboo. So I pulled off the old boards and rebuilt two small boxes closer to the house. Then I found a local garden shop and bought some spinach plants. I was sooo excited to have a garden. I was committed this time to taking care of it and making it work.

    Then I noticed that our old picnic table of many years was shaky and wobbly. I thought that I could use the wood from it and make a garden box or two. But then I thought to myself, why not just cut the legs off and make a table garden out of it? I did just that. I sawed off the legs, added some wood to each end, and screwed the old benches in for the sides. I lined it with a screen to keep the soil in and filled it with strawberry plants. I loved the raised bed.

    Then once after a big rain, an ant bed decided to relocate into one of my spinach beds on the ground. I was frustrated. But I noticed the strawberries didn’t have the same problem with the ants, and, best of all, the raised bed meant no bending over! Comparing the two garden beds, it was obvious to me what the better design was.

    My mind started racing with thoughts of a completely raised garden. No more bending over, no weeding, and fewer bugs. It took some trial and error and learning on my part, but soon I came up with a plan to build a raised garden bed. Now I have six double beds in my garden, and I love it!

    Some of my original raised urban garden boxes were not put together the same way I build them now.  The plans I sell are thought out and tested.

    To cover the grass, I put down a few layers of cardboard boxes.  I wet them and stepped on them and then covered them with a red cedar mulch.  If I see a weed, I spray it with 100% vinegar.  I live in the Houston area and we get lots of rain, so grass and weeds can get aggressive.

    spinach in a second attempt at the traditional raised bed garden


    picnic table for strawberries


    after I added the 3rd box on the ground, I started my redesign to get everything up


    I remember being thrilled about the box on legs… I wouldn’t have to bend, and less bugs



    I started adding raised beds and got the spinach up off the ground. I remember moving it, my husband Kent helped me and I was worried the roots would tear. The plants did great in their new home and I was so happy to have them up higher. I LOVE my garden! I didn’t have to worry about weeds ever again!!






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