A super fun cake we made

  • My daughter and I made this cake for a fundraising auction and had lots of fun.  It won a whopping $205 bucks!  All the little girls were dreamy over it. it was so cute!

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  • Tammy nuth 07.24.2012

    I would love some directions to make that buetiful princess cake.My granddaughter would just go nuts. Thank you Tammy

  • Tammy,
    Hi! We just kind of made it up as we went! Use square pans for the middle (I think 3 layers) and small round for the top of those. I used bamboos squewers to secure the whole thing from sliping over and then iced it. After icing we sprayed it with a pink edible icing spray. Of course the ice cream cones were “glued” together with icing too. The door is a graham cracker cut carefully with a sharp knife and the flags were toothpicks with paper curled and taped to them. The “swirls” were just random regular pink icing loops on top of the sprayed part.
    hope that helps!

  • Thank you for sharing this pretty cake! I made this for my granddaughter’s first birthday! Your inspiration & tips helped! It wasn’t as shiny as yours but it was beautiful!

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