Sweet potato harvest!

  • I have been so excited to harvest my sweet potatoes. I discovered that the best time is four weeks after the first flower blooms. The first flower bloomed about June 5th, so July 4th seemed like the perfect day! I was thrilled to get some big ones! All the tiny little ones were from the slip re-rooting and making more. Next year I will plant three or four rows of slips. I’m thinking I will make some sweet potato fries!

    digging up the sweet potatoes!

    great size for sweet potato fries

    nice size!

    Harvest from one slip – next year I will plant more slips!

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  • margaret mcgrory 07.05.2012

    I have never grown sweet potato when do you plant them and harvest them.
    We have a wee community garden here in Scotland and ordinary potatoes get planted April are sweet potato the same.
    What do you do to get seed for next year please.
    Yours look so good.

  • Margaret,
    Hi! I ordered my sweet potato slips online from this website:
    They were wonderful!! Here is a post about getting them and planting them:
    They probably ship over seas, I am not sure. Since you are in Scotland, I would try to see if you can find sweet potato slips for sale locally or somewhere close by.
    Best of luck to you!

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