Cabbage and Sumi Salad Recipe

  • Last Winter I harvested 3 heads of green cabbage and I took these pictures for my blog but didn’t get around to posting them. This year I have 6 red and 3 green cabbage heads growing which will be ready in a few months. To care for cabbage I pull the outer leaves off if they get to looking old, and that’s only after it’s started making a head. My cabbage heads now are all about the size of golf balls. I don’t know the times of exactly how long cabbage takes to mature. If you are an expert on cabbage, leave me a comment and teach me. I started a calendar today so I could be better at the timing of all my planting and harvesting…so I will know for next season, and be able to share it with the 4 people that read my blog, oh five, my mom too. For years I would tell everyone I didn’t have a green thumb. I never thought I could garden. Seriously I have only been gardening a year and I am surprised how easy it is. I spend about 10-15 minutes a day watering and checking on everything and fertilize about once a week. I am not surprised when I hear people say they dont have a green thumb, because I used to say the same thing. I have come to realize that it’s not hard to garden, you just plant seeds and watch them grow. Plants are also so forgiving, they get by with what you give them and still freely give back. I’m grateful for that.
    I hope you enjoy the salad recipe and I found a few more pics of my other heads from last year too.

    If you are new to my blog, here are the benefits of growing your own food and a new and easy unique way to garden.

    Sumi Chicken Salad
    3 boneless skinless chicken breasts
    4 oz sliced almonds
    1 bag shredded cabbage
    2 pkg Chicken Flavored Ramen noodles, not cooked & crushed
    ½ cup sliced green onions
    1/8 cup oil
    1/8 cup sugar
    1/8 cup vinegar
    (mix in cup)
    Saute chicken in a skillet with a little coconut or olive oil until done. Slice. In a skillet, spray almonds and stir until toasted light brown. Combine almonds, cabbage, ramen noodles, green onions, sliced chicken, and one pkg. powder flavoring mix from Top Ramen. Pour dressing over and mix well.

    just before I picked the cabbage

    cabbage in my raised urban garden

    ready for chopping

    ingredients for Sumi Salad

    Sumi Salad

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  • joe van lente 12.10.2012

    Cabbage does wonder for stomach health as well. I love to cook and so I am always looking for a new dish to make for when my wife gets home. Thanks, and thanks for reminding me it’s lunch time.

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