My weight loss journey week 6

  • I ran Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week. I haven’t been good about running on Saturdays, so I will plan to run this next week Monday – Friday. No more Saturday runs planned – five days will be good for me.

    I am a student teacher in a 6th grade science class and have recently studied the phases of the moon. I never noticed the phases or knew what they were called. Now I know each phase and where the sun is in relation to the earth to make the moon look like it does. When I run in the dark, I see the moon and love looking at the beauty of the universe. I am amazed at all that God has created for us.

    On eating: I have started drinking more green smoothies; they are so healthy!  I watch what I eat and still count my calories. This week on Valentines, I had more sweets that I should have, but I managed to get down to 156. I am gonna keep up the plan, keep eating right, keep running, and  keep staring at the light of the moon in awe and wonder.

    Oh, by the way, tonight it is a first quarter moon. If you want to see the phases of the moon each day, go to this website, but I would recommend the real thing.


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