Listen to the leaves

  • Everyday I check my garden. I do a few things:

    1) water unless it rained

    2) look for new growth and check for what there is to harvest – this time of year I eat a few sugar snap peas and usually a strawberry. freshly picked spinach is the best too if the leaf is dirt free and

    3) check the leaves

    I have learned that the leaves in my garden are usually trying to tell me something. It’s always a different story, but I took a few pictures the other day to best explain it to you. I look for anything different or strange. If there are holes in a leaf, something is eating it. If it is curled and burned or stressed, it might be over fertilizing. If it is yellow it probably needs fertilizer.

    I am not an expert in horticulture, but I have learned to listen to the leaves and hear what they are saying. I am learning along the way and by trial and error, I hope to be a good garden listener and better at tending to my garden.

    Also, I want to express thanks to all those that have taken the time to comment on my website and teach me more about gardening. It makes my day to learn something new and I am very grateful to connect to other gardeners like me!


    holes in my potato leaves means bugs

    holes in my potato leaves means bugs

    potato leaves

    potato leaves

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