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  • I planted potatoes back on this date and here are a few updated pictures of them growing. My husband grew up farming potatoes, so I have an expert to help me with all the details of growing potatoes. Last year I tried growing potatoes in a wire cage, I saw the idea on pinterest and thought I would try it. It was a fail, yielding just one small red potato. I don’t think they got enough sun and I watered them like crazy!

    I decided to grow yukon gold potatoes in my raised bed box and see how they will grow, and so far it looks like they are doing well. In the beginning I mounded the soil in the middle of the box, but later added soil to fill it in level. I am on step four below, so I haven’t seen them get to the mature stage yet. Stay tuned for follow-up pictures and harvest. I am excited to see what happens!

    Here are some tips about growing potatoes:

    1. Plant them about 7 inches deep in damp nutrient rich soil, don’t cut them, bury the whole potato (it is best to let the potato develop 1/4 inch sprouts before planting)

    2. Water lightly until you see a sprout come up, (it usually takes 3-4 weeks)

    3. After the plant grows, keep the soil damp and fertilize weekly, a good vegetable fertilizer works well.

    4. Don’t water the leaves; as that can breed diseases, just water the soil.

    5. For yukon golds, the plant will flower and then lay over which is normal. This indicates the potatoes are growing under the soil.

    6. After this happens, you should cut the plant at the base (about 3 inches from soil) and leave the potatoes in the soil for 10 days to set the skins. You can leave the cut plant on the soil for shade if you are in a hot area.

    7. It takes about 90-100 days from the day that they are planted until they are finished growing.

    8. After 90-100 days, if you opt to dig up the potatoes when the plant lies over, the skins will be more fluffy and fresh, and if you wait to set the skins the potatoes will store longer.

    9. Expect about 8-10 potatoes per plant.

    10. Be on the look-out for insects and treat accordingly (I treated with seven dust today after seeing a few holes in the leaves)

    Pictures of my yukon gold potatoes so far:

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  • Where can I buy starter potatoes? Or can I use regular ones from the bags?

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