Greens for smoothies

  • I harvested a bunch of greens back on this date. I have been making green smoothies and as wonderful as it is to have fresh greens in the mornings, I have been in a rush to pick greens and wash and use them before being late to school. So lazy I know. About a week ago when I harvested a bunch of greens I decided to wash them and freeze them in baggies for green smoothies. It has been nice to have them ready to go in the mornings to just throw in the blendtec. I planted way to much kale this year, we can never keep up with it. I don’t harvest it as much as I should. I need to keep cutting and freezing it for when I don’t grow as many greens. If you like green smoothies, and grow a lot of greens you might like washing and freezing them too. I am sure I will miss having spinach this summer!

    Saturday harvest

    Saturday harvest






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  • Cindy 04.04.2013

    I also love my Smoothies. What a great idea .I always buy too much , then don’t know what to do with the rest. This is a great idea for when I grow my own greens also. so this is perfect, thank you so much for sharing this idea, I love it, thank you!

  • Glad to see someone else’s freezer full of frozen garden goodies! Sometimes I can’t even shut our door!

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