My daughter’s garden

  • I recently helped my daughter get her garden started. Her husband built their garden box using my plans and we had a fun day filling it with soil and plants. I brought a few new plants for her but also transplanted a few from my garden. She lives in the same growing zone as I do, zone 9a. Their backyard had a perfect spot that got plenty of sun and they added a trellis for the plants that climb.

    Her garden has three kinds of tomatoes, bell peppers, cilantro, green beans, basil, celery, onions and cucumbers. She just had a baby and she doesn’t have much time to weed or tend to a garden, but luckily this type of garden doesn’t take a lot of time and for sure no weeding! If you are thinking of growing something this summer, maybe seeing a small-sized garden will help you get motivated to get started. Good luck to you!

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    April 24th, 2013 | 7 Comments |

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  • Great job on this!

  • Thanks Pamela! We put the garden in the week before she had a new baby and it’s amazing she is able to keep up a garden with a small baby. She has loved it and it makes me happy to see her enjoy gardening as much as I do.

  • That looks amazing beautiful! Where do you find a trellis for your veggies to climb? We are in zone 8.

  • I built a similar trellis frame out of 1/2 in PVC pipe. Used ells at corners and tees at the cross piece just above the planter. I did not glue the joints, so I would be able to disassemble in the fall. I got the string trellis at Home Depot and threaded the pipe sections through it.

  • Marie,
    That is a great idea! Nice you can take it down and re-assemble it when you want it. PVC pipe is so versatile for that. Thanks for sharing the idea – I am sure someone else will use it too.
    Best wishes to you in your garden,

  • What an adorable first garden for your daughter. At first I assumed (erroneously) that your daughter was young and still living with you, so got a chuckle out of “she lives in the same zone as I do”. 😉

    Good job getting another generations of gardeners started. Perfect timing with the new baby to have an easy to tend garden with fresh veggies for mom to stay healthy with. 🙂

  • Nice and neat and doesn’t take up much space. Where can I get the two black plastic containers like you show in the picture.

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