Potato update, my first tomato and pictures from my garden

  • I am so impatient and want to dig up my potatoes and see how many are underground. I will wait, but I sure wonder and hope they are growing some potatoes. I planted three yukon gold potatoes and Kent noticed a few weeks ago that each potato produced three sprouts. He said these would each produce potatoes, not sure how many, but I am excited to find out! They are supposed to flower in a week or two, lay down, and then I plan to harvest them around the first week in May. I took some pictures of the stems coming out of the ground, which is a good sign they are healthy thriving plants.

    I found my first tomato! It was in the bed with my broccoli and bok choy. Broccoli leaves are so big and in the way, I almost missed it. My tomatoes on the cattle panel trellis are getting bushy. I never knew what tomato plants smelled like before, but now that I garden I notice they do have a distinct smell, and I like it. The lettuce is just an artsy shot, detail in the curved leaves. The sugar snap pea vines underneath are dry and brown, but I keep getting peas!






    this is the first of many to come!

    this is the first of many to come!

    more tomatoes on their way

    more tomatoes on their way

    tomatoes on cattle panel trellis

    tomatoes on cattle panel trellis


    I planted about 20 and only 2 have come up, still waiting

    I planted about 20 and only 2 have come up, still waiting

    my two lone flowers! I am thinking of planting a whole box of just flowers

    my two lone flowers! I am thinking of planting a whole box of just flowers








    If you are new to my garden site, here are the benefits of gardening this way and feel free to click around and see what else I grow.

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  • nancy 04.09.2013

    Hi Melanie!
    Loved the comment about the smell of tomato plants! They certainly do have a delightful and distinctive fragrance! I LOVE that smell! Part of the enjoyment of sitting in our garden as a kid, eating tomatoes off the vine in the sun, was that wonderful smell! There is nothing like it! I love to lift the leaves and just breathe in the fragrance! Enjoy!!! 🙂 I lvoe reading your posts and viewing your pics! I check me email daily hoping you have posted some wonderful comments and pics! Can’t wait to get started on my vertical garden and flowers in my patio area of my apartment!
    Nancy 🙂

  • Nancy,
    Hi! It was nice to get your comment and know I wasn’t the only one that smelled tomatoes! I had never thought about it much until I smelled them so strongly yesterday and thought of how much I enjoyed it! I am anxious to start harvesting tomatoes soon! Your garden with flowers sounds beautiful on your patio. A piece of heaven for sure! Stay in touch and I will think of you when I smell my tomato plants today!
    Best wishes to you,

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