Swiss chard: harvest, wait ten days, repeat…

  • I planted swiss chard from seed in my winter garden and it is fairly low maintenance. I don’t harvest it as much as I could, I just grow a lot of greens and need to give more away. A small garden can produce a lot of greens! I harvest on March 25th and noticed yesterday it was ready to harvest again.

    I use it in green smoothies and salads. I found some Martha Stewart swiss chard recipes you might be interested in. This past year, I have learned how to grow things by just planting seeds and plants and learning what grows easily. If you want more information on swiss chard, here is a good resource.

    If you are new to my garden site, here are the benefits of gardening this way and feel free to click around and see what else I grow.

    Good luck to all those that are starting their gardens!



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  • Nancy 04.05.2013

    I love your site and look at it every day since I found it! I recently moved into a ground level apartment that has a paito area. I am very excited about trying raised gardening this year. As a child we had a garden that was about 2 acres. I loved sitting in the dirt in the summer and eating tomatoes off the vine! NUM!! I have an L shaped area on my patio with a gound area right off the patio. I am planning on placing some low edging fencing around the L and planting Morning Glories around the posts. I would love to be able to create an arbor on the patio and grow Nasturiums and Sweet Peas on the arbor. I plan on creating a vertical garden in the ground area and have annuals around the edge and some hanging plants. I am creative and love finding things that others have no more use for and bringing them to life again! My daughter will be visiting soon and has much knowledge in the area of gardening and irrigation. Envirnomental Science was her major at Dartmouth. Since I am on disability my income is very limited butmy ideas are endless! I am having trouble sleeping at night because my brain wont’ shut off from the ideas! I would love any suggestions and ideas you have to share with me! I know I must limit what I do my first year, but my brain is full of images that are just beautiful!! Thanks for creaing such a wonderful site!
    Nancy 🙂
    ps. I loved the Swiss Chard we grew as a kid and am looking forward to tasting that every so wonderful right from the garden flavor again! 🙂

  • Nancy,
    Hi! Thanks for the lovely comment about your garden and ideas! Wow – I am impressed with your vision. I know what you mean about having ideas in your head, it seems like I always have that problem as well! Bringing them to life can be challenging sometimes.

    As far as suggestions, I tell everyone to grow what you love. If flowers are your passion, grow flowers. I have recently been told that sweet pea is so wonderful smelling, I am thinking I will try it. Honestly I had never been successful at growing anything until a year and a half ago when I made my garden. I don’t grow flowers, except for a few bulbs and some in my strawberry box when my strawberries were dormant. I have been thinking lately about dedicating one whole box for flowers! Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

    Please stay in touch and let me know how your garden is growing. A big benefit to me about having my website is connecting to passionate gardeners just like me.
    Thanks again for sharing all your ideas, they are amazing!
    Wishing you a bright, sunny spring and all your ideas coming to life!

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