My new granddaugther!

  • Few things in life are as much fun or amazing as being a grandmother. My new baby granddaughter was born a few weeks ago and is so precious. My grandma name is Mimi. The story behind the name is my oldest child had a little blanket that I made for her. It was made of flannel material and I attached a wide silky band. She called it her mimi and over the years with each new child, I made each a new mimi. When my first grandchild was about to be born, I decided to sew him a mimi and I thought, that is the perfect name for me! Maybe it’s a southern thing, grandma names. Do you have a grandma name and if so what is it? What do you call your grandparents? I love being Mimi and my new sweet granddaughter is absolutely adorable, and I’m not partial!

    Oh and on a whim I decided to cut my hair short! I’m saving time on all that brushing, ha!


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  • Nancy 05.16.2013

    You and she are BEAUTIFUL!!! What a joy grandbabies are! I LOVE MY GRANDBABIES!!!!!!! I too have a grandma name! My name is Lil Ama…..sooo cute!!! I have names for all my grandchildren as well! I had names for my three daughters too, that were not their given names. 🙂 SO MUCH FUN!!!!! By the way, your haircut looks super!!! Thanks for sharing! HUGS!!!
    Nancy 🙂

  • Congrats, she is precious! Love your new hair cut. I am Mimi to our 3 Grands. The oldest, Raegan couldn’t say Grammy and out came Mimi…thus I am now Mimi.

  • Awww, so precious. It is so nice to be a grandmother. I am an “Oma” to all 5 of mine, a German term. My mother was an Oma but has long ago passed and I am proud to carry on the name. Hugs, “Oma” Sonja

  • Nancy: I love your grandma name! I haven’t heard that one before. names for the kids too and grandkids is so cute! wow, you are on top of it!! Thanks for sharing!

    Denise: Yeah! Another Mimi – funny how names stick.

    Sonja: Oma is too cute too, I can just hear the little kids saying it – and to carry on tradition is wonderful!

    thanks amazing grandmas for sharing your names!
    Being a grandma is the best!!

  • My grandmother was Gaybo. The story goes that I couldn’t say Grandma and that’s sort of what it sounded like. She was probably the only Gaybo in history. I want to be a Nanna. Someday

  • Never heard a Gaybo before but I am sure out of the mouth of a child – it’s the cutest name ever! thanks for sharing! so cute!

  • I’m enjoying your blog! I, too am in the South, in Birmingham and Mentone, Alabama, so I’d like to know generally where you are so as to compare what you are growing to my area, if possible.

    I will be a grandmother for the first time in August. All the typical and good names are taken in the two families, so my husband and I plan to be called our childhood pet names: Laney and Deano. Many friends have told me, though, that the children will devise their own names for us!

    Thank you for taking the time and trouble to write your blog!

  • Elaine,
    Hi! I am in the Houston, Texas area, zone 9a. Sure hot and humid this time of year, but my garden seems to love it. If you want the names to stick, start using them early so the grandkids know. I called myself Mimi constantly til finally my little grandson calls me it all the time! I love being a Mimi. Grandkids are the best!
    wishing you a wonderful day!

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