A girl’s garden

  • This past spring my friend told me her fourth grade daughter wanted to start a garden. She got her started with a raised urban garden. Her daughter planted green bean seeds, cucumber and watermelon seeds, a bell pepper plant, a basil plant, cantaloupe and okra seeds. My friend just sent me some pictures and I was so impressed I asked if I could share them. The melons are trailing over the edges to the ground, the cucumbers are all over the trellis and they have already eaten some of the green beans. To care for her garden I told her to water every day, fertilize weekly and check for bugs. She is an amazing gardener! It does take work, time and love to care for a garden. I am sure impressed and thought you would be too. Presenting: A girl’s garden.


    June 23rd, 2013 | 12 Comments |

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  • If she’s reading this.. you rule! Keep it up! Great job! 🙂

  • Wow, a great little gardener. Mel, you helped her make memories for her entire life! Thanks for sharing, Sonja

  • I am so impressed. Hope she keeps up the great work.

  • Wow! Amazing and you stuck with it! I am so proud of you Hailey! Love the pictures!!!!!

  • What a beautiful garden and what a smart girl!! Congratulations to her!!! 😀

  • Ms.Ellsworth, you just gave that young lady a gift of a lifetime! I hope she will continue on!t

  • She deserves all the credit! So proud of her hard work!
    There is something magical about growing things.
    So happy for her.

  • can you tell me more about the structure itself (the bed and trellis) how it’s made. Would love something like this in my very small yard.

  • Penny,
    Hi! These work great in small yards! I designed my plans because I hated to pull weeds. I had tried to garden in the past but the weeds are so aggressive in Texas, it would be difficult to keep the garden from being overrun with weeds. My plans describe in detail how to build the garden boxes. To order them you can click on this link. https://gumroad.com/l/RaisedUrbanGardenPlans

    for trellis information click on this link:

    To understand the benefits of growing this way click here. Benefits: http://www.raisedurbangardens.com/benefits-of-a-raised-garden-and-urban-gardens/
    Good luck to you!

  • Penny,
    Hi! My garden box plans are available for purchase on the main page of my website and the trellis ideas are found here: http://www.raisedurbangardens.com/2013/04/tomatoes-on-two-different-types-of-trellis/
    I hope that helps! Good luck to you and please stay in touch and let me know how your garden is growing!

  • Great job! I love to garden too! Hope she can teach other kids how much fun it is to garden.

  • Darling girl and smart. Love this garden.

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