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  • Here’s a few pictures for an update of my garden. My sweet potatoes are getting really bushy, and I still plan to harvest them the first week in August. I have a few watermelon and a honey-dew melon. My watermelon experiment seems to be working but I got lazy and gave up on pulling off all the flowers. I am letting them grow naturally. The green beans make a nice canopy over my arched trellis and I feel like I am in a hide-away fort.

    Okra is by far my favorite veggie and I finally have some okra buds! The pomegranate tree/bush will probably take years to produce but I keep watering it for fruit someday. Gardening teaches me many life lessons, and patience is just one of them.

    If you are new to my garden site here are the benefits to gardening the raised bed way and feel free to click around on the categories to the right to see what else I grow.  If you are interested in the plans, here is the link.









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  • Elaine 06.26.2013

    That watermelon has to be the cutest thing ever!!! I’m a huge fan of your garden.

  • Elaine,
    Yes so cute! I planted the smaller watermelon variety this year so I think they will be the smaller round ones. I hope for many red juicy ones though. So cute indeed! Good luck to you and thanks for the kind words!

  • Love that honey dew, can’t wait to see how they turn out!
    Look at all those green bean flowers!

    We got our first watermelons this week…. watermelon high 5?!?!

  • ha! fun times watching the melons grow. With this Texas heat we are watering lots and lots!
    yeah for your watermelons!!

  • Kim

    Oh my…your garden design is beautiful, smart and charming. I am green with garden envy. Any information you could share on your planter design and technique would be deeply appreciated. You must be so proud..

  • Kim,
    Hi! I designed my plans because I hated to pull weeds. I had tried to garden in the past but the weeds are so aggressive in Texas, it would be difficult to keep the garden from being overrun with weeds. My plans describe in detail how to build the garden boxes. To order them you can click on this link.

    To understand the benefits of growing this way click here. Benefits:
    Good luck to you!

  • Kim,
    Hi! I designed my garden boxes to reduce the hassle of weeding a garden. In Texas the grass and weeds are very agressive and I found that they would take over a garden in no time. I have my plans available for purchase on the main page of my website. It is the red button titled “buy the plans”. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any questions and good luck gardening!

  • Hi Melanie, I love those pictures of all your veggies, especially the sweet potatoes and those adorable little watermelons… I purchased your plans the other day and I can’t wait to get the materials together and make them! Here in New Hampshire everything seems to be stunted this growing season, my flowers are not doing much and at this late date I don’t know if I am going to bother with trying to get my veggie garden going or just wait for next spring… I will be making my raised beds this year though, thanks to your help! I’m so very glad I found your blog and look forward to many more years of reading!
    Hugs and enjoy your weekend,
    Beth P

  • Beth,
    Good luck building the boxes. I love mine and sure hope you love yours too. Can you plant a fall garden? Sugar snap peas, broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach. I love the fall winter time because there aren’t as many aphids and bugs.
    Looking forward to staying in touch! happy gardening!

  • Ok Melanie, When your okra comes in it’s time for some gumbo!! I was late getting my plants in this year and everything except the volunteer cantatloupe, is still so small. Oh well I’ll try harder next year.

  • Oune,
    It seems every season I am thinking I should have planted earlier. I need to get a good calendar system that I write everything down and plan better. This heat in Texas is really hot – lots of water to keep things alive! Good luck to you and gumbo sounds delish! thanks for inspiring me!

  • Hi Elaine, you have one gorgeous garden! Everything looks so neat and beautiful green. Love the baby watermelon too.

  • i love your garden. i am on a limited income and cant afford to buy your box design, but i do want to try raised gardening. i am currently using containers for some plants like lettuce but i have an inground garden and here in ga the weeds take over here to lol. im making my husband look at your garden as he is very handy, im hoping he can build his own design. your boxes dont seems very deep, dont some plants(like tomatoes) put down deep tap roots? how deep are your boxes?

  • My boxes are 8 inches deep and the tap roots seem to work in them. I have had great sucess in them. Good luck to you!

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