Sunflowers, zinnias and marigolds

  • I planted flowers in my garden a few months ago. The marigolds are a great companion plant to tomatoes. They are supposed to keep the bugs away. The sunflowers and zinnias are an experiment in growing flowers from seed and it’s been a fun journey. I have never seen a sunflower or zinnia blossom and grow, so the whole process fascinates me. I can’t believe how tall they are. The sunflowers are taking their own sweet time to bloom, so more pictures to come when they finally open up!


    June 9th, 2013 | 9 Comments |

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  • Love the color these flowers are giving your garden!

  • You take such wonderful pictures of your garden! I love getting updates just to see what else is doing so well for you. Thanks!

  • Donna,
    Thank you for the kind words. My garden is my get-away from the world, my place of peace. I find so much beauty and awe in God’s creations. A few years ago I had a home photography business and invested in a decent camera. I learned how to take pictures in relation to light, as that seems to be a key factor for a good picture. I am glad you enjoy my updates.
    happy gardening to you and wishing you the best,

  • Melanie,
    When my daughter was very little, like 2-3 years old, I bought some cheapo Zinnia seeds at the dollar store. We sprinkled all 20 packs into our little raised bed that surrounded our gorgeous coconut palm. I thought it would just be fun taking her through the process of planting and waiting to see them sprout and grow, but boy was I underestimating the joy of nature as seen though a child’s eyes! We even went as far as to break open a pollinated bloom and harvest the seeds inside and repeat the process. If you havent experienced that, it is a MUST!
    Enjoy your Zinnias I always do 🙂

  • Leigha,
    Wow – so fun to experience that with a child! My kids love to see what’s growing in my garden. I have never heard of breaking them open to get the seeds out. I will try it.
    thanks for taking the time to share your story and enjoy your zinnias too!

  • Melanie, your snapshots are absolutely beautiful- right out of God’s garden! You and He made them grow so “there you are”. How people can look at a flower like that and say “there is no God” – there’s something wrong with them. Keep up the good work and thank you for sharing a God given gift!! Keep sharing!

  • Liz,
    Yes for sure! There is a God and seeing the beauty of the earth in my garden is one of my joys in life. thanks for the kind words!
    wishing you the best!

  • Beautiful flowers and photos! I planted some flowers this year too and they happen to be the same kind as yours! so far my zinnias haven’t done anything though (those seeds were planted much later). I didn’t know you could break open the zinnia’s for more seeds but I did know that you could for marigolds! It’s exciting!

  • Ashley,
    My sunflowers are getting old and I am pulling them today. I am ready to plant new flowers, just not sure what kind. It is so hot here I need something that does well in the heat. If you have any ideas, let me know.
    thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!
    besh wishes to you,

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