Feeling better everyday – garden update

  • I had surgery on Monday to remove a tumor found on my kidney. Everything went well, the doctor got all the tumor and I was able to come home on Wednesday. I have been tired and sore but I feel better everyday. I am so grateful to God for the miracle of finding my cancer early and getting it all. Thanks for all the well wishes, prayers and support! I am on my way to recovery and being in my garden is certainly helping getting me moving again.

    My garden has mostly been neglected for the past 3 weeks. I went on vacation for two and then headed into the hospital. I have kept it watered thanks to family and friends, but it is need of a good dose of fertilizer and a small army of white flies has moved in. I was sad to find all the white flies, but at least it gives me plenty to do to care for it. I sprayed a soap spray and plan to re-apply again and add a neem oil. The past few days I have been watering and taking a few pictures. Two tomato plants were doing well, with one in dire need of some jute twine to secure it to the trellis. The cucumber vines weren’t shown where the trellis was, so they climbed down to the ground. The melon vines were all over also.  I have a banana pepper plant that just keeps on giving – I had gotten so many peppers this summer from it. The peppers get big sometimes if I miss them, but they are great in stir fry. I am most excited about harvesting my sweet potatoes sometime this week. They look to be doing great! The great mystery lies under the soil – so stay tuned for the reveal! The okra didn’t get picked much so I have a good picture of how large not to let it grow.

    We had okra tonight in stir fry and it was delicious  I put the pods in early in the hot coconut oil and seared them. Seriously  there isn’t a way I don’t like okra. If you are iffy of liking okra, try it in stir fry – I think you just might like it!

    A huge batch of weeds has grown under a few of my beds so I plan to pull those this week as I get more strength. It’s great to be back in my garden, white flies and all!

    purple-bean-buds tomaot-plant-with-blossoms need-to-tie-tomato-bush okra-plants bell-pepper-bushes banana-pepper-bush garden-view pomegranet-tree okra-harvest weet-potatoes-and-watermelon-vines watermelon-vines watermelon-vines-growing cucumber-vines okra-plant orange-tree too-big-okra when-to-pick-okra watermelon-vines-and-pest whtie-flies-on-watermelon-vine white-flies-on-sweet-potato-leaves tomatoe-plant-with-white-flies raised-urban-gardens-72913-garden-update


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  • Super happy to hear the operation went well, wishing you a speedy recovery so you can get back in your beautiful garden! 🙂

  • Pamela,
    Almost missed thanking you for always being there for me and being so supportive! I am constantly amazed at your creativity and drive! I love it.
    glad to be back in my garden!

  • Beautiful garden and produce. Please don’t do too much so soon after your surgery. That is a major surgery and it needs time to heal from the inside. God Bless.

  • Arlene,
    Thanks for the advice, I am finding the days I overdo I am exhausted. So hard to hold back but getting my rest. Anxious for my old body back someday!
    wishing you the best,

  • Wishing you a continued speedy recovery! Thank you for all the wonderful gardening info!

  • Leah,
    Thanks for the well wishes – glad to be some help to someone.
    good luck with your garden,

  • Thankful everything went well, good to know your getting back at it. Have been thinking about you.

  • Sherry,
    Thanks for the kind thoughts! It’s nice to be back and plugged into online gardening friends!
    so grateful to God,

  • Praying you have a speedy and complete recovery. Your garden has done so much better than mine. I finally gave up for this year. I could not keep up with the pests. Keep us posted on your recovery process.

  • Judy,
    Thanks for thinking of me. This is about the time of year to pull everything and start think about starting the fall garden. I have beans, sweet potatoes, okra and tomatoes that are keeping me going! Excited for my fall/winter garden and lots less bugs!

  • So happy to see this post and happy to hear that you are doing well. From my experience the doctors in the Houston area are really great so I knew you would be in good hands. Take care of yourself and looking forward to your next update

  • Oune,
    I am so lucky to be in a great area with excellent medical care. My surgeon was the chief of staff so I felt lucky. He was great! It’s nice to get back to gardening too!
    I really missed it.
    Best wishes,

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