Contest Winners Announced! TEN instead of FIVE!

  • Contest Winners Announced! TEN lucky WINNERS instead of FIVE!!

    I very much enjoyed reading all the amazing comments about why you like spring! It made me want to get out in my garden and experience all the smells and feelings spring has to offer. My spring garden is planted, but I still have room for more!

    I put every entry into a spreadsheet and assigned each a number. I used a random generator to pick not five but TEN contest winners and here they are:

    Jerri Michael
    Missy Tyson
    Chardell N.
    Fannie D.
    Sherry W.
    Sabrina Salter

    If your name is listed above check your email for a link to the plans.

    If you did not win the plans, I am offering a spring contest deal for 2 dollars off the plans for just three days.
    Click on the link below to get the plans for just $8! The link is only good for 3 days so hurry.

    If you would rather use paypal – just send me $8 to melellsworth@gmail and I will email you the plans.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog. It is a fun way for me to connect to amazing gardeners from all over the world!
    Dolores thinking of you now in Argentina! :)

    Get as busy as this bee and get your garden planted!
    Wishing you a wonderful Spring and much happiness planting your gardens!

    March 31st, 2014 | 5 Comments |

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  • Polly Sowell 03.31.2014

    I’m excited, my tomato seeds are up! zucchini came up 3 days after they were planted in the mounds, now basil seeds are up too!

    So many seeds germinated I’m gonna have to select the strongest…hard decisions

  • Ha! Yes I hate thining out seedlings!
    Good luck to you and happy spring!

  • OMG, your posts are soooo encouraging to create a raised bed and get seeds planted in order to get things going, I have had 2strokes & I have always loved to work in my yard with my flowers and although I am limited in what I can do, my desire is still there!

  • Desire is the most important part of gardening!
    good luck and thanks for sharing!

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