• I love tomatoes and before building my garden this year, I had never ever grown a tomato plant.  I have enjoyed lots of tomatoes and they have done very well.  I water them a lot.  On hot sunny days, they get watered twice.  For Mother’s Day, Kent installed a automatic watering system for my garden.  It is wonderful!!  I have it water twice a day.  Sometimes, I still water with the hose… just because.  I guess I kinda feel like nothing replacing the tender care of getting the water everywhere.  After the watering system went in, I don’t have to spend as much time in the garden as I used to.  I could miss a day if I had to, but I love it so much, I go in it everyday.  I love my tomatoes!  One of the things I do regularly with the tomatoes is pull of the suckers.  A sucker is a little twig of leaves that is not going to produce fruit. I think it helps the plant to get more air without so many leaves.  I have heard it grows taller and quicker without the suckers also.  I planted several varieties.  More details on all of it coming.  Enjoy the pictures!

    My first tomato plants

    Getting bushy and bigger!

    I started them in cages, turned upside down. I added a cattle panel for a trellis for an archway look to my garden and took out a few of the cages and started to train and tie up the tomatoes to the trellis.

    Inside the archway of the trellis

    The start of the tomatoes on the trellis

    Tomatoes on trellis, pic taken May 25, 2012.

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