Benefits of a Raised Urban Garden

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    When I was 12 my parents moved our family from the busy city life of Houston to a tiny town called Thompsons in the middle of nowhere on six acres. We had every animal you can think of, and of course a garden. I loved working with my parents and growing food. One year we had so many potatoes I remember storing them under our beds on sheets of newspaper. We picked wild blackberries in the ditches on the sides of the railroad tracks and mom made cobbler. I have always had fond memories of those years and longed to grow something to eat.

    I tried to garden many times, only to get discouraged and quit after a season. I am a mom of six and have been busy over the years with their activities. I put off gardening but always wanted to do it. This past year I finally did it and have successfully gardened for a whole year! I love it! I have grown tomatoes, okra, broccoli, kale, swiss chard, spinach, peas, peppers, beans, strawberries, berries, oranges, onions and lots of herbs. There is always something new in my garden and it so freely gives. I feel closer to God and I love being able to feed my family and with the most healthy food on earth. The power of greens is amazing! Planting from seeds is the best too, as a seedling struggles and breaks through I love to watch the miracle of growth begin.

    The past year the benefits of having a garden, and a raised garden in particular, have me sold. It is my hope that others feel like me, they want to garden but for some reason it has been hard for them. I now live on a 1/2 acre and have the yard size to plant a traditional garden, but love having my garden raised up. This type of garden works great for people living in cities that have a small yard, balcony or patio. Some of the benefits a raised garden are listed to the right.

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    So many benefits!

    • No weeding! Weeds don’t grow in my raised garden beds like they do on the ground or in traditional raised beds

    • No bending over or backaches

    • Plans use BPA FREE growing containers and where to get them

    • Finished boxes cost about $55 each, retail price of similar types of kits start at approx. $200 each

    • Great for apartments, town homes, small yards, and patios

    • Put it anywhere the sun shines

    • No dogs, gophers, rabbits, armadillos or critters getting your garden

    • Reduced insects and ants

    • Take it with you when you move – a raised garden bed is completely portable

    • No roto-tilling or preparing the ground, use nutrient rich soil right from the start

    • Great for the elderly

    • Easy access from all angles

    • Great for people in wheelchairs or walkers

    • Plus, save on your grocery budget by growing your own food

    Buy the plans and learn how to build it!benefits-of-rug