Green Beans – Two Kinds – a purple stripe that tastes yummy!

  • I planted green beans about 2 months ago and just bought packages at the store for the seeds. Somehow a variety came up that has a purple stripe or speckle in it. I have no idea what type they are but they were very tasty! We had them for Thanksgiving dinner and really loved the taste. Fresh green beans…. the best!

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  • […] dish but I was curious as to why the beans I grew had a purple stripe on them. I mentioned it in this post and never looked into it. I was in Sweet Organic Solutions and mentioned to Donna Faye about them. […]

  • Hi,
    I am from New Jersey but live in China. I planted beans almost two months ago and then left the country on a business trip. Last night I came home and noticed my beans all grown up but some of then had reddish-purple speckles on them such as your pictures. So i though it was a fungus or disease. But you uploaded great pictures and i think i have the same thing. Do you know the strain of these beans? They are ok?
    Tony Smith

  • Tony,
    Hi! Mine were a variety with purple specks or streaks on them. Check and see if maybe your variety is they same type.
    Good luck!

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  • Sue

    I have the green beans with the purple stripes. Does anyone know the name of this variety, please? Kindly let me know if you do. Thanks so much!

  • I believe thay are called Rattlesnake beans.

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