Curios About Celery

  • I needed to run to the store for celery several months ago so naturally I thought about growing it. I read about it online and decided it might actually work here in Texas. I never see celery seeds anywhere in the stores here so I ordered “Utah 52-70” celery seeds online at I planted them in the fall and they took forever to come up but they are doing great now and really growing. I just water and fertilize them and they’re happy. I tasted one of the leaves, and yep – it’s celery. I read online here that the stalks can spread out so I might need to band them or put toilet paper rolls around them. I probably planted them too close – oh well. I am curious to see if they get bigger and taste great. If you know anything about growing celery, let me know. Of course more pictures to come when it’s time to harvest!

    seeds I bought at

    December 14th, 2012 | 3 Comments |

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  • Samantha 12.14.2012

    Thinking about growing my own celery!

  • Samantha,
    Yes for sure do! It’s been easier than I thought – and please stay in touch and tell me how your garden is growing!

  • Can I get some pic and brand name of your celery plants

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