Gardening Trend – Home gardens are up

  • I found this cool graphic showing how “growing your own” is trending. Most older people can remember working in a garden as a child, or at least a grandparent having a garden. When I was 12 years old my parents bought six acres and moved our family out to “the country”.  We had a barn, all sorts of animals, and of course… a garden. We hated weeding and all the work that went along with gardening, but the memories! I still remember all the potatoes! We put potatoes on newspaper and placed them under our beds for months. The “average” gardener in this graphic is ME! I’m over 45, female, and I graduate from college this spring.  The savings are cool to read about and it doesn’t take tons of time. The stats say just about 5 hours a week.  It just takes love, sunshine and water… that’s it.  Enjoy the stats and hopefully this will motivate you to start a garden and grow your own.

    Here is a link about the most profitable things to grow.

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  • joe van lente 12.05.2012

    Re older people who remember gardening. One of the reasons I invented the Vertical Eco Garden was due to an age restriction and a physical disability. I still love to get my hands in the dirt as much as my body lets me. But, I also like knowing I am providing a means for people to garden who cant because of location or physical restriction. So, I’m just following directions like the rest of us. But it keeps saying “use the force Luke” and my name is joe.

  • Joe,
    Thanks for sharing! I love your gardening idea as well. Good luck to you and happy gardening!

  • Nice find, Melanie! I’m wondering what the carbon impact would be as relative to the economics…? E.g. How much carbon is saved by growling locally.

    I’m going to do some verticals garden experimenting, Joe. I like the idea of

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