Eating peas with Mimi

  • A perfect day for me is being able to spend time with my grandchild, and to be in my garden is wonderful too! I am “Mimi”, at least that is what I am trying to stick as my grandma name. Years ago I made blankets for each of my kids when they were babies and my oldest named her blanket a mimi so from then on, we called all the blankets I made, mimis. When I heard I was going to be a grandma the first thing I could think of was to make a mimi, and as I sewed it, I decided I wanted that for my name! I took my grandson out to the garden one day after school this week and we watered and picked sugar snap peas. I opened a sugar snap pea up and we ate the peas and he loved them! He is the most adorable, sweetest little boy.

    My new sugar snap peas, the shelling thicker variety, are coming up nicely! I can’t wait for a new crop. We are expecting about five days of sun, so I am glad, and my garden will surely bask in it. I took lots of pictures of the joy that my grandchild had in picking and eating the peas. It seems like just yesterday that my own children had fingers that tiny. The time goes by so quickly and I truly have loved every bit of it. I am so grateful for all I have been blessed with and my wonderful family. Tomorrow is Saturday and I am looking forward to spending some time in my garden! I am so grateful to be a Mimi and spend precious time in my garden eating peas with the cutest little boy ever!



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