My weight loss journey week 3

  • I am excited to say I weigh 160! I have lost 5 pounds so far on my weight loss journey! I ran 5 days last week. I missed Saturday but ran Monday through Friday. I wrote down what I ate and kept my calories under 1500 a day. I plan to do the same this week, run 6 days and write everything down that I eat, keeping calories under 1500. One tip I have is to drink lots of water. I run with a water bottle and the best way to get a quick sip while running is poke a hole in the top of the cap with an ice pick or sharp knife. I get dry and foamy in my mouth when I run, so I sip on water to get me through. Sometimes I just rinse and spit, whatever it takes, right? I just take about 1/2 cup water in the bottle every day.

    I am happy my plan is working and will report back next week for sure! A favorite quote of mine is: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle. When I run I think of it as a habit that I do daily and how much I enjoy it. I get it out of my mind that it is something I will be over with soon. I try to find joy in the moment, and as always be grateful.


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