• I have received a few testimonials about my garden plans and thought I would share. ¬†They made my day when I read them!

    If you have bought my plans and want to share what you think, please email me and let me know.
    Thanks everyone for being so sweet and kind!

    If you are new to my blog you can go here to read about the benefits of building a raised urban garden and feel free to visit other posts to see what I grow in my garden.



    We have loved our garden boxes! It was actually fun and easy for us to assemble, with our eight year old helping, too. He is in charge of one garden box, and we have the other. (Although we want to get more.) It has been so rewarding to plant the seeds and watch them grow. Fresh garden tomatoes just do not compare to store bought! We had no weeds, and the great thing about the garden is it is waist high. My dad has a green thumb, too, and I wish he would give this a try. Not having to spade up the garden, is a boon! No bending and squatting down, either. It is a great way to go!
    Connie, Joe and Luke Anderson


    Hi Melanie,
    The plans are fantastic, my husband has already built my first one! The plans definitely took the guess work out of getting started and helped my husband and I communicate about what I was trying to achieve.
    Thank you so much! I will update you on how my garden grows!


    I love my raised garden and also have some tomatoes ripening on the windowsill. You take great pictures! My cabbage plant is still looking good and my carrots look good too. I just don’t know when to pull them. I’m afraid they will freeze. I will pull them if I hear we are going to have a hard freeze just to see how big they’ve gotten.


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