What and when to plant

  • Over the past year I have decided what to plant based on three things:
    1. What was for sale in the garden department at Wal-mart or Home Depot
    2. What I could buy at Sweet Organic Solutions (a local garden shop)
    3. Any seeds I had that I thought would grow at that time

    I never had my planting schedule down to a science; I guess I just looked from time to time on the internet or asked around what to grow. I have made a few mistakes, like trying to grow bell peppers through the winter and planting cucumbers too late in the fall.

    Luckily I was stumbling around on the internet and found a website that allows you to put in your zip code, and it tells you what to plant in your area. It is a great resource I would recommend to everyone! The website is called All Things Plants and it has a forum for gardeners and lots of great information. I took a screen shot of my area just to show you the info, but for your area it will be different. Here is the link to find out what to plant in your zip code.

    I love it because there is always something that I can plant. Fresh produce out of the garden is the best!
    Good luck planting!



    February 11th, 2013 | 4 Comments |

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  • Angie 02.11.2013

    Wow! I just put it in for my area, and it has me planting stuff outside NOW! My garden site is definitely not ready. We were on track to start mid-March!

  • Yes I was surprised at what I could plant now too! Mid-March sounds great, It will be here before you know it! Good luck and let me know how your garden in growing.

  • I just started using a similar thing called Smart Gardener, where you can tell it how your beds are arranged relative to each other (and raised versus ground) and which way’s north, and what all you want to plant (and how much of each), and then it shows you an optimal arrangement to keep companion plants together, incompatibles apart, and the tall stuff from shading the short stuff. Along with all the “here’s when to plant for your zip code” stuff.

  • Mackenzie,
    Thanks for much for sharing. What a nice website with lots of information. I love it! I will use it to help me – it was sure nice of you to comment and help me and others!
    thanks so much,

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