Growing celery

  • Saturday I finally got around to thinning my celery a bit, but I probably need to thin it more. It is so hard to pull up a good plant. If I tend to have an issue with planting seeds, it is I usually plant too many and have a hard time thinning.

    This celery is delicious, it has so much more flavor than store bought. I am happy it has been easy to grow. I have never heard of anyone in Texas growing celery, but it worked for me! I will plant again next year for sure. I have two lone plants that aren’t in the big massive bunch and they are a better representation of what one stalk will look like. I learned my lesson about planting too many seeds!  I am so glad I ordered the seeds and planted it.

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  • I have grown celery this year for the first time. I was pleased with how well it grew .however it is a cool weather plant here in Ga. so I am going to try it again this fall . I have planted the seed but they haven,t come up yet .

  • Oh how fun! You will enjoy growing it. Mine got bitter the more I cut and ate off of it.
    Best wishes to you!

  • I grew celery out here in Sun City Az. I heard you were supposed to put a quart milk carton around it and that would keep it from getting bitter, I did that and it still got bitter, I think I will try it again and see if anything has changed)) Dwight

  • Ive found when my celery starts to get bitter, I’ll drench it with water for a couple days and the bitterness goes away. I dont know why it works but it does 🙂

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