Waiting for flower blooms

  • A few months ago I decided to dedicate a box to just flowers. The sunflowers are getting so tall and the zinnias are thriving also. The sunflower leaves are huge, I can’t wait to see the flowers! The sweet peas aren’t growing much and I should have gone by the package directions and saved them for the winter. I guess the package was right. I planted marigolds at the base of the tomatoes in two different spots. I share produce with friends and I look forward to sharing flowers someday too!

    If you are new to my site, Welcome! I grow lots of different things to eat in my garden, and now flowers too! To learn about the benefits of gardening in raised beds like mine, see this post. Also take a minute and click on the produce categories to the right to see pictures and learn how to grow them. I love gardening for many reasons but a few are the peace it brings me to get back to nature and the produce that we eat from my garden. I love home-grown food! Stay in touch and let me know what you are growing in your garden!


    May 27th, 2013 | 4 Comments |

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  • Loving your flower box! I always think about doing a container of flowers, but never do. Maybe the beauty of all your sunflowers will urge me to do so!

  • I too am growing Sunflowers and Zinnias,yours are taller than mine so far,we have had a lot of rain since last week and minimal sun here in Kitsap County Washington.Where are you gardening?

    I have radishes,spinach,kale,carrots and beets and marigolds growing in my rasied bed.

  • I live in Friendswood, Texas – a suburb of Houston, Texas. Zone 9a. Wishing you get lots of sun soon!
    Stay in touch and let me know how your garden is growing!
    best wishes,

  • I believe you should grow sun flowers next to vegetables because they take allot of nutrients to grow.

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