Green beans

  • My green beans are blooming and climbing. I planted these from seeds and noticed today that there are several bean pods. I took these pictures about a week ago and am just getting around to posting them. I love to check my garden to see how everything is growing and it seems like the beans grow almost before my eyes. I might need a step stool to pick the high ones! If you plant green beans make sure they have a trellis to climb on. My trellis is a cattle panel that I bought at McCoys Lumber in Pearland, Texas for $19.99. To see other green beans posts, click on the category to the right.

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  • Ellen Peavey 05.13.2013

    I really like this idea with the cattle panel fence, will have to try it in my raised bed on the cucumbers. Ellen from Georgia

  • Ellen,
    Georgia is so pretty! Last year I had the cucumbers of a nylon trellis and I like the cattle panel so much better. It is sure sturdy! Good luck to you and let me know how your garden is growing!

  • I love to see all those blooms! I planted sugar snap peas but they didn’t get very big this year. Never was able to pick enough for a meal so I just ate them on my way back into the house. Ha! This is my 3rd year for planting in Florida and I’m finally wrapping my brain around growing in the “winter”
    Now my broccoli was another story. Even though I planted late, I’m still getting side shoots, enough for the two of us, anyway. Sometimes when the pickings are small, I’ll make a fried rice as a side dish and that’s pretty yummy, too.
    I’ve forwarded your site on to my daughter who lives in a condo with lots of concrete in the “yard”. Hopefully she can plant some things and still have room for the dogs to use what little dirt there is for their “business”. Thanks for the posts.

  • Barbara,
    Hi! I have found that if I fertilize weekly and water daily it helps my yields to be bigger. You might try that. I have loved growing broccoli! My first year the broccoli did not grow much but the second time around it just took off. I also rotate my crops in my beds to let the soil have a new plant to nourish. Hopefully your daughter will be able to grow something too. Thanks for sharing with me! Wishing you the best,

  • Your beans are looking great, not long before you are picking beans off!

    Ours right now are only a few inches high, starting their journey. Soon we will put the fence up so they an climb up it. This year we are trying 2 different types of green beans so interested to see the difference (right now, the only difference is one is growing much quicker :P).

  • I planted two different kinds too. The green beans and then rattlesnake variety. The rattlesnake variety are slower growing for me. So excited to get beans soon!

  • I have been looking for an affordable yet sturdy trellis. Since the summers in Phx. can get a little steamy I have started soms winter gardening too. For the summer want to try some kentucky green beans and sweet peas. Also trying cantalope. This trellis is fantastic . Thank you.

  • Cant wait to try this for our hops plants.

  • Yeah! So excited for you!

  • Mai

    Hi, I just love how you made the bean trellis, what gauge are the cattle wire? Thanks.

  • Mai,
    Here are the details on my trellis:
    Good luck to you!

  • I have wondered about the cattle fence and the arch before. No one around here that I’ve seen has done this. My question is will it hold the weight of the beans or will it fall to where you cannot walk thru? I would love to do something like this for my garden! Thanks Lori

  • Lori,
    Hi! The cattle panel is very sturdy and will not fall at all.
    Here is the link online from where I purchased mine:

    And here are the details of the specifications:
    OK Brand Welded Fence Panels are manufactured in a wide variety of horizontal spacing configurations. They are built to handle the roughest ranching conditions, but are versatile enough to be used for lawn and garden projects. From the top-of-the-line Elite to the widely used Stock 10, every panel is made with the same quality and workmanship. Our panels are manufactured using the galvanized before welding process, which provides a smooth finish to each line wire and eliminates sharp burrs which may cause injury to the animal or their owner. Whether used for cattle, swine, sheep, goats, or horses, OK Brand Welded Fence Panels are tough enough to handle any fencing requirement
    52″H x 16’L
    4 Gauge wire
    Galvanized before welding process
    8″ Vertical wire
    Bottom horizontal space is 4″ height
    Top 6 horizontal spaces are 6″ height
    10 Horizontal line wires
    Weighs approx 43 lbs

    Good luck to you!

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