My first blackberry this season

  • Two days ago I was so happy to see the berry I have been watching turn from green to red to purple was ready to be picked! I was excited until I picked it and turned it over to find a squirrel had beat me to it! I am blaming all suspicious activity on the squirrels – they just seem too happy and giddy running all over my backyard. Many more berries are about to turn and I don’t mind sharing a few, but not too many. I am hoping to make a cobbler for my family!



    May 24th, 2013 | 4 Comments |

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  • Jen 05.24.2013

    Very nice looking blackberry! I am planning out my whole yard and blackberries are definitely at the top of my list! I’m in the Dallas area so I’m so glad I found your blog so I can folllow your dates, etc and adjust just a little. I’m very inspired by all that you do and your BEATIFUL photos make me want to journal my gardening trials.

    And, btw, with a little watshing, I would probably still eat that blackberry. 😉

  • What a beauty!

  • I have grown blackberries for several years now, they are prolific spreaders, which make them great for a living fence! I have noticed that they tend to be alternate year bloomers, meaning you will get a great crop on alternate years. This is why the more plants you have the better, as some will be blooming and others not. Also I have found that they sometimes need attention to the young blooms, I use a spray called Bloom Stay, it is non toxic and works wonderfully. I hope you have fun with these berries, as they are beautiful and make great jams!

  • Patty,
    Thanks for sharing all this great information! I didn’t know! I cut mine back and can’t wait for them to bloom this year. Every year I get more so I am excited to see what comes this year. I will get the Bloom Stay, thanks for the tips!

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