Sweet potatoes thriving

  • I ordered my sweet potato plants online and they arrived in great shape. I bought 12 plants for $13 but received 18 plants! I probably have planted them too close to each other, but last year I wish I would have planted more, so I will see. They seem to love their new home. I will continue to water them daily and fertilize weekly.  To view older posts about sweet potatoes, where I bought these plants, and pictures of last years crop, click on the sweet potato category to the right.

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    May 21st, 2013 | 2 Comments |

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  • Douglas Lloyd 05.21.2013


    That does seem a bit close. The vines will completely cover that area and probably half the ground till all is said and done. You could probably keep them pruned back without hurting them. The plants pretty much only make potatoes at the base area of the plant.
    I had 4 plants in an area (4′ by 8′) the vines took over that area and more. I started mowing the ends with the mower and it didn’t seem to hurt them any.


  • Doug,
    Thanks for your input. I remember last year the vines went crazy too. Per your advice, I will trim them back this year. I have never planted this variety – Vardeman – it is listed as a bush type, not sure if that is much different than the vine type I planted last year. So excited to find out how they will do! It seems a lot of my gardening methods are trial and error and seeing what works.
    thanks for taking the time to comment!

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