Harvest time

  • This morning I picked a bunch of cucumbers, green beans, peppers and berries. I hadn’t picked much in about a week, so I was overdue to harvest. I found a strange slug on my green beans that did not make me happy. I am learning what to look for. I have never worried to check for bugs on the green beans because nothing bothered them last year. I finally have a full handful of berries instead of one or two at a time. They are a little tart but with some sugar they will be perfect! I will investigate the slug type bug that ate a few of my green beans, and if you know anything about him, leave a comment to let me know. I added a picture of the tomatoes in my kitchen. I pick a few everyday and let them ripen in my window. Happy gardening! Melanie












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  • Great harvest, your peppers look great! And those blackberries. if you ever need anyone to help you eat them.. 🙂

  • This year my raised beds are full of red root and wax weeds. Do I need to start over next year with new soil? This is my 4th year just adding mulch. Also my peppers plants look very yellow. What can I do?

  • Suzanne,
    Hi! I am not familiar with red root and wax weeds. I do not have a problem with weeds because I start with good soil from a bag and don’t add any from the ground. In the past I have had weeds in traditional beds and don’t know a good solution to permanently get rid of them. (just a lot of pulling). I am not sure about the peppers being yellow. I am sorry I am not more help to you! I usually research problems on the internet so I would suggest searching for it. Wishing you better luck with the weeds and peppers and sorry I wasn’t more help.

  • I think those bugs may be cutworms. We found those on our corn stalks. We used neem oil to try to control them. Good luck o_O

  • Jenny,
    Thanks for letting me know. I will try the neem oil if I see them again.
    good luck to you,

  • A really good way to get rid of weeds is to use newspaper (black and white print only) and mulch around your plants. Just open them up and lay them down. Then cover with straw or a heavier mulch of your choice. This blocks all the sunlight from the weeds and they die, it’s also a lot more eco friendly then black plastic.

  • Lauren,
    Thanks for the newspaper tips!
    I love them!

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