My bushy summer garden

  • I took this picture yesterday of my bushy summer garden. I love the canopy of green that my cucumbers, tomatoes, and green beans make. I absolutely love the big sunflowers looking out over the garden. I regret that they got so tall, it’s hard for me to get a good look at them. I cut one for my daughter and it is so pretty. The next flowers I plant will for sure be shorter, perhaps a sweet-smelling type. I enjoy checking my garden daily and seeing the beauty of the process of life. After two and a half years of gardening, I still love it!

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    June 17th, 2013 | 8 Comments |

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  • Love seeing all this bushy green, beautiful!

  • Your garden looks beautiful! When I am done with my treatments, maybe I can try just one little garden. Sometimes I have a black thumb so I may need your guidance!

    Melissa :o)

  • Melissa,
    Yes for sure! get through your treatments first! hang in there sister – you are amazing!
    I love you,

  • WOW! It looks amazing!!!!

  • love your idea…mulch on the ground?? thanks for sharing

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  • Lazysmurf,
    Thanks! It’s almost like a jungle out in my backyard!
    so fun!

  • Theresa,
    thanks! yes it is mulch on the ground first – I used red cedar mulch and then covered with a think layer of hay. I wanted to use straw but couldn’t find any here local in Texas so I used coastal hay. It is working and softer to walk on than the mulch.
    good luck to you!

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