Seeds sprouting! New growth begins

  • The seeds I planted a few weeks ago have sprouted! I took a few pictures of the sprouts as well as my okra and a blossom. Lots of plants have a flower that forms into the vegetable but with okra, there is one beautiful yellow and purple flower and a bunch of okra pods close by. I am cutting my okra when it is short, about 3-4 inches. It is more tender when it is small. I cut a few every few days and save them in my fridge until I have enough for a meal. I will get more as my plants grow taller.

    In my flower bed the middle section of flowers have died. Before I planted I scooped out a big section of soil there to spread around to my other beds and filled with the humus. I don’t think I mixed it in well so the new humus probably wasn’t good enough to sustain them. I learned for new soil, mix well with the old.

    I have somewhat ignored my onion patch, just watering it lightly. I found several tiny new bulbs that have sprouted in my Egyptian walking onions! I was so excited to see them. I will pull out the older onions out and let these new onions take root.

    I am set to dig my sweet potatoes the first week in August and it seems that their leaves are changing. I am not sure if it’s normal so if you know, leave a comment. I have my kidney surgery scheduled for July 29th and I digging my sweet potatoes soon after will be a nice treat for me. (That will surely get me up and walking soon!) I really can’t wait to see what is growing under the soil!

    Also! I am headed out of town for a week but my daughter will water and check my garden daily so I will return in a week for an update!



















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  • Melissa 07.14.2013

    I loved your pictures and am very excited about your sweet potatoes!

  • Melissa,
    Thanks for the comment! I will post pictures of sweet potatoes soon!

  • Everything is looking great! When the potatoes and vines start to die, then you know it’s harvest time! You can always dig to see just in case too. 🙂

  • Pamela,
    It’s like peeking at your presents before Christmas! I started to but saw tiny roots I just couldn’t break and impose on. I will wait. Patience – a life lesson I am trying to learn. ha!

  • Your photos are always so delightful! I can only hope my next years garden will look as good as yours. Many thanks for sharing.

  • Donna,
    Thanks for the sweet comment about my photos. I am grateful I learned how to take pictures with the proper lighting. I am sure your garden will be just as good if not better!
    good luck! Wishing you the best,

  • Mel, I am thrilled to find your site and method of gardening in the air! Planning to use this method for next spring. I defy the Bermuda grass to invade these high raised beds!! And I might even be able to outsmart the fire ants too! I garden organically and will not use poison to control them so it is always a losing battle. I have attempted to garden many times in the past with various containers and raised beds but am always beaten out by the ants or weeds. I HATE TO WEED TOO!!! But as I study your website I’m not finding anything about watering. Do you hand water or use drip irrigation? I’m in East Texas and even though we *usually* get enough rain I’m concerned about these beds drying out. I’m not really eager to hand water daily either. Please reply to my email if you see this message. Thanks!

  • Karen,
    Hi! Happy to find another with my same aversion to weeds! The grass in my yard is so agressive, it gets into everything! I love gardening with my raised beds because it takes the worry out of weeding. I do water by hand daily. About a year ago my husband installed a watering system for me but I didn’t like it so I turned it off. He bought a low cost (about $39) timer that can be installed on a hose. He ran black tubing along the tops of my garden beds. I found that it watered unevenly and some spots were dry and some were wet. It is possible to design it to have the entire bed get water, but I missed watering by hand. My automatic system is still in place, I just put the tubes under my beds. I will pull it out soon enough. I water everyday and twice a day in the really hot dry months, unless it rains. It takes about 15 minutes max and on Saturdays I fertilize and spend a little more time checking everything. I hope that is some help to you!
    Thanks for the comment. I wish you the best!

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