Three tomato plants & one red pepper planted

  • I stopped by Sweet Organic Solutions yesterday to see what Donna Faye had for sale. She said it’s not too late to plant tomatoes again so I bought three plants and couldn’t turn down a red pepper plant. My green peppers had a great crop and now have about 20 plus blooms on them for round two, but I dont’ have a red pepper in my garden. I was impressed that the pepper was so large on such a tiny plant. I planted the tomatoes at the base of my cattle panel trellis and the pepper next to the okra. For care in the rest of my garden I sprinkled bone meal around everything and watered it in the soil. It is a great source of nutrients for the soil and I remembered tomatoes love it.

    On Thursday, I had a wonderful fourth of July with my family. We ate and talked, the kids swam and we watched the fireworks. My son-in-law took a four generation picture so I thought I would share it. We didn’t plan the colors but I have to say the red, white, and blue is perfect! ha! It seems like just yesterday that I was holding my daughter in my arms. Loving life and feeling so blessed!




    Four generations: Me, my mom Claudette, my daughter Paige, and my granddaughter Annelise.

    Four generations: Me, my mom Claudette, my daughter Paige, and my granddaughter Annelise.

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  • Love that family photo! 🙂

  • Thanks Pamela!
    Your garden in going crazy! Wow you are an amazing gardener and the peppers look wonderful. Your beans are going to be so tall! can you say ladder, ha! I love getting your blog updates – so cool that you have a rooftop garden in New York!
    happy gardening – glad you enjoy it as much as I do.

  • Nice pictures of the plants, but really nice picture of you and family. You must have a really good camera. How deep are your growum boxes? I thought you would need more room for the roots.

  • My boxes are 8 inches deep. I get asked that often but I don’t have any problem growing in them. Most plants stay in the beds for about 3-4 months so by the time it is finished producing the roots still have plenty of room. I hope that helps. I have a Nikon D90 and mostly use a 50mm 1.8 lense.
    wishing you the best,

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