My winter garden pics

  • I took some pictures of my winter garden last Saturday. With my new teaching career, I don’t spend as much time in my garden as I used to, but it still so freely gives! Gardens are so unselfish like that. I find it relaxing and peaceful every time I step into my garden. Cabbage is a slow-growing vegetable but always so pretty and thank goodness it grows through cold winters! My grandson loves sugar snap peas so I am anxious to pick them with him in the spring.

    My favorite fire pit picture below. I have used this type of fire pit for years. I visit a junk yard and ask for the insides of an old washing machine. I seem to get it for free too! The fires are just beautiful in them. I have moved it to my garden with two benches and I love it.
    How is your winter garden growing? Leave a comment and let me know!
    Wishing you the best this winter growing season!










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  • Valerie 01.15.2014

    Absolutely love your garden photographs! What do you use, if anything, on your cabbage to protect them from the cabbage worms & moths? We have had a slight issue with these over the years.

  • I really love the idea of using the washing machine tub for a fire pit. Do they last for very long though? I have one from a large piece of corrugated metal pipe that I salvaged from a job when I was working. It has lasted many years and looks like it will last many more. Very sturdy but not very pretty to look at….. Hank

  • Found you via The LIttle Acre that Could and I’m so happy I did! Love your ideas and philosophy. Fabulous repurposing of the old washing machine tub. Thanks for the inspiration! I’d love for you to share this post on The Maple Hill Hop!

  • Found you on Pinterest, and I’m so glad I did! I live in Katy, and while work has kept me from gardening this winter, I am recommitting to the project this spring. Nice to see someone from our odd climate with a gardening blog! I’ll be back, for sure!

  • Michelle,
    Thanks for the the comment! I am so excited to get my spring garden in and have tomatoes this summer! Good luck to you!

  • I’ve been reading many of your tips and can’t wait to start my first garden! I live in Spring, TX so, your hints are great for my climate as well. Thank you for the encouragement that a small garden can produce a high volume of produce!

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