Late nights making … Science Doodles

  • I have been super busy teaching school and working on teaching materials. As a first year teacher I struggled to find handouts that seemed to relate to the students, so I started drawing the concepts I teach to help the kids learn. I found a website called TeachersPayTeachers that allows teachers to post their ideas online and share them with other teachers that are interested. I visited my mom one weekend and asked about a name I could call myself. She told me of a childhood friend of hers that she called “doodles”. I had been a doodler all my life and now was applying it to science notes, so that was it…I would call myself Science Doodles! My mom gets the credit for giving me two names! Thanks Mom!! I love you! Most nights I stay up in the wee hours of the night drawing and doodling and making resources for my students, and I love it. My daughter Paige has been a huge help to me,  I couldn’t do any of it without her help. Thanks Paige! I love you! I love teaching and I love loving fifth graders. They are so fun and each day is never boring! I feel blessed and happy and grateful for my new job. If you know a teacher that teaches science, and would like a free handout about the water cycle, send them to my website:

    About my garden! We have had the longest, coldest wet winter in a while here in Texas. I know I will get no sympathy from those still getting snow or freezing temps. I think spring is just around the corner and I am so excited to plant!! My sugar snap peas are still going as well as broccoli, cabbage and cauilflower. I plan to plant very soon and will put up lots of pictures!

    Wishing everyone a happy and warm spring!
    AKA Science Doodles



    Screen shot 2014-02-21 at 6.38.28 AM







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  • Mr Hank Wolgast 02.21.2014

    What a great concept. Not only are you a super gardener but also a wonderful science teacher as well. Not many teachers would do what you do without payment. The handouts look great! I wish I had a science teacher like you when I was in fifth grade. Just be careful that you don’t burn yourself out. That would be a great loss to your students and all the gardeners out there. Looking forward to your next post…….Hank

  • Thanks, Mom! I love you too! You are so inspiring because you seriously can do anything!

  • Melanie ~

    My Grandmother was an “involved” teacher. She was also an involved Grandmother. She was involved with life in general. She always taught in impoverished school districts around the Houston area to make sure she reached kids who may not have had encouragement otherwise. For years after she retired, and even after she died, her students would come to the door to thank her for giving them the self confidence to pursue their dreams. They grew up to be respectable people in various fields. You are that kind of teacher. You’re a rare breed. They just don’t make them like you and my Grandmother any more. (I know Grandmother is not capitalized as a rule, but I always capitalize it when I speak of my Grandmother because she’s so elevated in my eyes.)

    Candy Turner

  • Candy,
    Hi! So sweet of you to take the time to write about your grandmother. Wow – what an amazing woman. I am sure she is proud of you just as much! I love the capitalized too. Soo cute!
    thanks for the sweet comment!

  • i cheated in sience from your answers .

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