Spring Garden Plan Giveaway! 5 lucky winners!

  • In celebrating the arrival of spring I am giving away five sets of my raised urban garden plans. To enter, leave a comment on this post answering the question: “What do you love most about spring?” Or, if you like, simply type “I want the plans” and you will be entered in the contest.

    I created my garden plans after I started my own raised garden. The plans show you step-by-step instructions to build your own garden like mine.Β If you are new to my site, here are theΒ benefits to gardening this way. Also feel free to browse my site and photos and see what I grow!

    The plans include:

    • Exact measurements
    • Step-by-step instructions
    • Specialty materials list, with a link to order materials online if you like
    • Over 40 pictures

    Only one entry will be counted per person. I will randomly select 5 winners and announce the winners on April 1, 2014.

    Contest ends midnight central time zone, March 30, 2014.rug-giveaway-plans

    Good luck!



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  • Elizabeth Campbell 03.10.2014

    New beginning. A fresh start. SUMMER’s on its way!!! Lol

  • I want the plans!! Cuz what I love about spring ifs getting my garden started!! Last yr was my first time and I’m excited to do it correctly!!

  • I love the fresh fruits and vegetables, makes me feel and get healthier!

  • I want the plans. This is the first time I am trying to garden. I need all the help I can get.

  • Love the spring! A new beginning, flowers, birds singing, and the hummingbirds will be back soon.

  • My favorite thing about spring is that it isn’t winter πŸ™‚

  • Spring is my favorite time of the year. Everything is coming back to life after the brutal winter that we had. I have my seeds started inside in preparation for the outside planting in about 5 more weeks here. I can barely wait!

  • I want the plan! Help me build a garden like yours! I will be so happy just to start it.
    Thank you so much for sharing your experience.


  • The thing I love most about Spring is the excitement I feel when I see the first daffodil bloom. I would love to win the plans!! How exciting!

  • I love spring because I can work up a sweat in the garden and have a beautiful garden to show for it! Never tried veggies before and I love the ides of raised beds!

  • I love the flowers….tulips, daffodils, crocuses….I won’t even discuss the flowering trees!!

  • I love everything about spring!

  • I want the plans to build our school garden

  • I love the smell of all things new in spring! It is just a whole new beginning. And I get excited about the thought of getting out and working in the dirt!

  • What I love about spring is everything…….sunshine, flowers starting to come alive, cut grass and leaving the windows open in the house.

  • I want the plans!!!!

  • I have been gardening for years but have never been able to grow root crops or cukes, I am dying to try your system!

  • I love Spring for many reasons..perfect weather…getting back to the garden and getting my hands dirty..birds singing..Easter and my birthday!!! Thanks..hope to win.

  • Kim

    We are just getting ready to start building beds. We’d love to have plans!

  • I love that spring allows everything to be new again!

  • getting my garden started and being outdoors more

  • I want the PLANS ! Spring means new hope for a much improved garden season!!

  • I would like to try to raise some organic veggies.

  • Spring is when everything comes alive again. Whether its the buzzing of the bees, the wind rustling through the new leaves, new growth poking out of the ground from resting all winter, and the excited homeowners coming in my Extension office with questions on landscaping, gardening, etc…it is my favorite time of the year because of this energy.

    I would love to have the plans to help educate the community about urban agriculture and increasing their access to fresh foods while demonstrating a really good model that both youth AND adults can use to grow their own food!

    Thank you for the opportunity.

  • I am so excited to use your ideas for my garden this year! That the beds are REALLY raised is great for me! Your photos are so inspirational…

  • The sound of frogs and the arrival of the seasonal birds is my spring

  • I love the extra daylight and time to work out in the yard.

  • I Want the Plans!

  • In Minnesota we have “spring fever” and it starts about now and won’t end until May when we can really start digging and having some fun outdoors. This winter has been one of the worst in years, we hope the ice on the lakes goes out by May.

  • I want the plans for my 83 year old Mother and 79 year old in laws who find conventional gardening a challenge! The BEST thing about spring in “playing in the dirt” and helping things grow!

  • Spring brings an hour of daylight to my evening time to garden. Please send me the plans.

  • I love spring because of the delicious soups to be made using my favorite vegetables and the flowers blooming in my backyard!

  • I would love your plans. My favorite thing about spring is the colors!

  • OMG it is impossible to grow things in my yard… I can’t wait for you to share this with me something to help me grow here …

  • Would love this!

  • Want to teach my 3 year old to love gardening and to continue to love eating healthy.

  • Lee

    I want (would LOVE) the plans!

  • I like Spring because I can be out in my garden!

  • I started gardening when I was young. My mother had us weeding, hoeing, and planting but the fresh vegetables were wonderful! My husband and I have large flower gardensnow and retirement means more time for a large vegetable garden and canning. Spring is the time it begins!!!

  • I want the plans. I love spring! The breezes, fresh blooms, and an extra hour of day light to enjoy everything that happens in your garden!

  • I love this idea! I want to create a raised garden outside my children’s bedroom window so they can watch the plants grow each day. I hope I win your plans!

  • Sunshine and birds singing!

  • My favorite thing about spring is the bird’s songs!!!

  • I love spring because I get to plant fresh veggie for my friends and family!

  • I love spring because the days start to get longer and gardening becomes the order of the day.
    I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I am looking at alternate ways to garden that don’t cause a new adventure in pain…

  • The feeling in the air that summer days are right around the corner is my favorite part about spring!

  • I would like to have the plans because gardening is a passion – but it’s getting more and more difficult for me due to knee and back problems. I think you have the solution! : )

  • I love the smell of freshly turned earth.

  • Getting my hands dirty. Prepping the dirt. Spring therapy…being productive! Buying plants and seeds…adding every year to my yard. My back yard it a mess and will be my priority this year.

  • I want the plants! I definitely love spring because of the flowers, the warmth, the picnics outside with my little girls and hubby, grilling, planting (and lots of planning) for my veggie garden. Plus, two very special bdays in April!

    LOVE your website! Keep up the wonderful work. πŸ™‚

  • I live in Ontario Canada and we have had the worst winter I remember.
    March 10 is my birthday and occasionally I have worn shorts and tshirts. This year I walked through drifts of 3 1/2 feet of snow just to get to my front door! The only thing getting me through this winter is thinking about gardening and the freshness of new life in the spring.

  • The fresh smell in the air. Seeing everything come to life!

  • One of the reasons I love the spring is the smell of citrus blossoms!

  • I love spring because I can dig in the dirt and plant seeds.

  • What I love most about Spring is the crisp, clean smell in the air. I love hearing the birds singing in the trees and feel the sun on my face. Seeing things grow and pop up is nice to see the earth come alive again!

  • I love the smell of freshly turned dirt. I love the smell of my greenhouse as I open it for the season and dig my hands into the soil. I love cleaning the debri from my hastas and cedum so they can warm up and grow. I love that the yard around my house turns green and lush. I love the rebirth that comes with spring.

  • I love seeing the excitement in my children’s eyes when they spot the first spring blossom.

  • I love the beautiful colors and smells of spring. Cutting flowers to bring indoors and finding new things that pop up out of the ground each time I walk around our property.

  • .I’d like the plans I’m thinking of a raised vegetable garden this year. I love spring because after the harsh winter I will hear birds singing again.

  • I would so love to win these…..but if not I will still buy. Great idea. Love it

  • I want the plans!!!

  • I want the plans!! Thank you for the chance!

  • I want the plans. I have a vision of helping children in wheelchairs participate in gardening through raised bed gardening. It is such a joy to garden and pick your own food. Thanks for having this contest.

  • Spring is a time for new ideas and lots of outside fun.

  • I’m having hip replacement soon, and was thinking I’d have to give up my gardening. These plans make it possible to continue my favorite thing!

  • Best part of spring…..BASEBALL!!! ;-D The fresh smell after a good rain. (Just started to try my hand a gardening, we’ll see how it goes! I *DID* just harvest some potatoes from my DIY potato bag from the fall.)

  • Yes! I want the plans.

  • I want the plans, and I love getting my kids outside after a looooooong winter

  • Seeing the little green shoots coming out of the earth…

  • Watching everything start to grow again-last year was our first year in our house and our first with a raised bed veggie garden- getting excited and ready to do it again but planning on getting rid of much of lawn and doing more raised beds this year!:)

  • Deb

    I love the smell of spring….fresh and clean. I love the colors of spring…new green and I love the feel of spring…..eagerness. I am ready for it to be here soon. No more cold weather please.

  • I love preparing the garden beds for new little plants. Love the excitement of people who garden around spring. They are smiling and happy to put their hands in dirt πŸ™‚

  • What I love about spring is listening to the birds sing early in the morning. I also like that it is light out when it’s time to get up!

  • I love the flowers everywhere and the warmer weather.

  • I love spring, nature comes alive! I love the blooms everywhere and how everything turns green again! I’d love the plans since I’m pretty new to raised bed gardening

  • Warm weather, fresh veggies and beautiful flowers! I want the plants! πŸ™‚

  • I love Spring because the colors, and the smell of dirt and rain. So ready! I would love the plans πŸ™‚

  • What I like about Spring. This year is especially exciting because I purchased the home I will end my days in. Even though it is 20 years old there are NO beds. It has four very mature post oaks and waiting for landscaping. Since I will retire in this house I want to have gardens that are easily accessible as my body begins its journey to the compost pile. This Spring the excitement of working my outdoor canvas is thrilling.
    I want the plans!!!! Please

  • Perfect for my yard! Can’t wait for Spring.

  • I want and need the plan because I am going to be completely lost without it. I am on a tight budget; reason why I am trying to plant a garden in the first place along with needing to be healthier for health reason. Lastly, I grew up farming on a big farm and dreaded the required labor needed. Now I miss the connection to earth and the joys my family and my sisters shared shelling purple hull peas until your thumbs were purple. I need this plan to reconnect me to when life was simple and the only crazy stuff going on in my world was wondering who was dating who and waiting for the annual showing of Cinderella or the wizard of oz. I am truly showing my age right about now.

  • This looks fab….I’ve had multiple joints fused the last few years so my gardening has become more and more difficult. I miss it. This looks like the answer!!

  • I want the plans because I am a new gardener and can use all the help you can give me.

  • Would love how to build the ones with legs. I need this for my strawberry beds. My back is killing me!!!

  • I want these, cause I live in a KOA campground & I’m not allowed to plant a garden, grr! Thank you for the chance to win.

  • I want the plans…. We sold our house this past fall and now live in a rental town house . I would love to learn how to make my own raised bed to garden in!

  • I so need those plans! I have limited space for a garden! I just love Spring, period! Thanks!

  • What I love about Spring is waking up to hearing the birds singing. Seeing the new flowers blooming and fresh vegetables.

  • Spring is here and I can’t wait to plant a NEW garden as ours blew away in the May 19, 2013 tornado. Starting from scratch and would LOVE to rebuild using these ideas! THANKS!

  • I want the plans because our large garden didn’t do too well last year due to the soil composition so I am trying raised beds this year.

  • What I love most about spring is being able to clean out the garden, planting a variety of beautiful flowers and being able to just spend time outdoors with my kidsshowing them and letting them help with planting inour garden. Their facesare priceless and they love to help plant the seeds and wach the butterflies go by.

  • I want the plans! PLEASE!! So very, very anxious for spring ~ especially this year! Winter in central Minnesota has been brutal this year: sub-zero temps, lots of snow, and 8″ of more snow yesterday March 18th. Can’t wait to be outside and play in the dirt. Love the idea of your raised garden! We live in the country, but the really good soil is in the horse pasture LOL!

  • I love just being able to go outside and feeling the warm sun on my skin while hearing the birds singing in the trees! This has felt like a never-ending winter and I’m sooo ready for spring to arrive!! I’m itching to garden again!!

  • I have always loved gardening but as a single mom, I did not have the time to devote to gardening as much as I wanted. Unfortunately, I became disabled in March of 2010. I’ve gone through an enormous dark time and for about 8 months now, I am trying to look at positives. One of which is the arrival of spring and with that, always brings me hope. I saw the pin showing the standing containers and about how it is easier due to no bending, etc. While I can only stand or walk for a short time, I became excited because I could possibly get a rolling chair or stool so I can roll around them! Now Hope and Excitement! Either way, I am going to try my best to get my brother to build me something similar. I’m not sure where to start or what for sure to grow, but I’m going to give it a darn good try! Thank you!

  • Would love the plans as we have a free range pot bellied pig and would like to be able to get to eat more of the produce than she…may be a good way to keep her “snoot” out of the plantings.

  • Waking to the sound of the birds singing,squirrels chirping and school children laughing. The smell of freshness in the breezes I awaken all over. My mind heart and soul become calm and I know due to the spring I could utilize the plan.

  • I want these plans because this year we are putting in our first raised beds! So, why not start out RIGHT with Raised Urban gardens!! I love spring cause my grandmother instilled the love of gardening, flowers and planting and I love spending time in the garden.

  • Would love to win the plans! I’m on Disability and it makes it so hard for me to bend, kneel down(and then get back up, ha), etc.. These would work perfectly for me! Have a Great Day! πŸ™‚

  • I love the spirit of spring – everything is new again!

  • Love the website. I want the plans. In the beginning stages of garden developement.

  • I Love Gardening InThE spring

  • Joy

    I love spring. My favorite spring thing is morel mushrooms.

  • Looking forward to more green, more time outside, more biking and starting my first garden. I need those plans!

  • Spring! The name alone is uplifting and joyful. The sound of birds chirping, the taste of the first burgers off the grill, the glorious vision of the first flowers to open their buds, the cleansing smell of rain, and the feel of fresh cut grass under my feet all awaken the senses that have been dormant all winter.

  • Fresh morning jogs, the unearthing of dirt, and the garden gloves all sing of triumphant spring. To celebrate this new “unearthing” of life, please pick me for plants!

  • The anticipation of getting seedlings into the garden and the excitement of watching them grow. I can’t wait.

  • I want the plans

  • Spring Is A Time For Renewal, Rejuvenation, And rejoice. I Have Been Working Towards A Community Gardening Project In Urban Areas. I Feel These Plans Fit The Needs Of This Project. Thank You For The Offer.

  • I enjoy the spring season because it is a time to get out, be active, and put into motion the things you have gathered through the winter!

  • I love how the flowers poke out of the ground and the smell of the dirt when I plant the vegetables, I would love the plans!!

  • I want the plans, please. Need a garden to keep rabbits out of, this might work.

  • I love gardening. Now have dogs, which like to dig. Raised beds are the way!

  • I love spring! I have so many memories of gardening with my Mom, but I always get discouraged from the constant battle with weeds. I think this kind of gardening will work! I would LOVE to have the plans!

  • Don”t we all have a Love – Hate relationship with our Gardens! Love the flowers and vegetables but hate those weeds. With these plans I may have a one sided relationship with my Garden…LOVE!!!

  • I would love to have your plans !

  • What I love most about Spring is the green and colors that start to come out. I am new to your site, just found it today.

  • So excited to get a garden going after this hard winter we have had in north. Eating fresh veggies and fruit along with the exercise that goes along with it! The plans would be an added bonus for my garden to be even better this year!

  • I want the plans and am desperate to learn how!!~!~

  • Hi, Springtime is when I begin to thaw out after the chills and thrills of winter, being from Florida I have had to get used to the cold in Louisiana but my heart is here with the granbabies. I love spring because its a season of rebirth, seeing Gods creations come back to life after being hibernated and seeing all the flowers start to bring their brilliant color. I would love to have a raised garden and thank you for being such a help! God Bless Giva

  • Spring lifts my spirits!!! Having your plans would help me garden this year… I have some new health issues and bending over in my traditional raised beds is difficult. I really like your “raised” raised beds!

  • here in Arizona, I love to see the wild flowers blooming on the sides of the roads in peoples front yards through the rocks!

  • The return of the birds chirping and the frogs peeping are one of my favorite beginnings of spring!!!

  • What do I love most about spring? Being warm again. And digging in my garden.
    I would LOVE to have the plans.
    I also have bought a big trough to plant in because my garden in in the pasture (full of tall fescue and Bermuda….and I cannot smother it after 5 years of trying) .
    I simply must raise the beds or quit trying.
    I have been following your blog (first found you on Pintrest) and it was truly a lightbulb moment for me.

  • I love spring because I get to start thinking about what we are going to grow this year. We are building new garden area at the home we purchased last year. We have been doing our gardening at a plot in our local neighborhood. So excited to hopefully when these plans!!


  • I want the plans!!!! Please

  • I can’t wait to start my own garden!

  • I want the plans! I love Spring because all the birds sing, the redbud trees bloom, the Bluebonnets bloom (Texas) plus the fragrance of new growth makes me feel glad to be alive!!

  • Spring means playtime outside, warm sun on my skin, and the chance for me to bond with nature again. Spring means I again have been given the opportunity to grow food for my family – I know where it came from, what has been put into the soil, what the plants are fed to grow and am able to pass this knowledge on to my children so they can the pass this on to their children.

  • I love my little bees getting out to fly. I can’t wait for my first salad from the garden. Always new varieties of vegetables to try, never enough garden space.

  • I am from Argentina!!!!! Looooove Spring, but right now, autum un starting here. I dont have any plants but I am planning to start right now. so glad I found you in pinterest!!! sorry for my english!

  • I love spring for new beginnings. It means everything has a chance to rejuvenate! I would love the plans for the garden. I tried my hand at one last year, but the weeds always overtake things. Also, my big dog (named Butch) loves to dig where I do, but tends to take out all the seeds or plants…it would be great to have it up off the ground so he didn’t think it was his playground!

  • I would love to have these plans since my yard is way too wet to really have a decent garden! I hope you pick me☺️

  • I would love to have a raised garden.

  • I love everything about Spring. The smell, everyone making an appearance, and the veggies. I would love a garden so I can grow my own smoothie ingredients. $2/cucumber at the store is killing me!

  • I love Spring! I’ve got tomatoes, eggplant, lettuce, gourds and Irish Moss started in peat moss planters that are starting to sprout inside. I would rather put them in raised beds instead of the planters I was planning on. I love everything about the Spring – everything begins fresh again πŸ™‚

  • The smell of rain on the soil. The spring baby animals and the sprouts of seeds you are growing.

  • What I Love about spring!…..The smell of the earth being reborn as the sun warms it up, the sound and sight of the birds soa and nesting materialring in the air and watching them gather their spring fresh food and their nestimg material. Newborn birds, deer, bunnies, and of coarse the return of the Sandhill Cranes! I Love Spring! I Want The Plans!! Happy Spring Michigan!

  • I love spring because it means new and excitement are in the air and in the DIRT! I loved the raised beds. They remind me of my sand table in my PreK classroom. After teaching many children for 29 years this is a great way to garden. I teach work ” smarter instead of harder”. This plan is exactly that !!!!!!!! Excellent job to the planner! πŸ™‚

  • I want the plans. Love to garden but cannot die to back problems. And cannot buy due being on a limited budget. Really need these plans! Thank You

  • Some of the things I love most about Spring is everything begins to turn green, it’s a time of renewal and the Earth smells so fresh. . .new beginnings.

  • Gardening is like meditation to me……calming, peaceful, full of life, energy and rewarding! My first memory of gardening was my mothers garden of tomatoes, asparagus,string beans, carrots and more! I too carried on the gardening, and now my daughters too are surpassing my garden dreams! I have never tried my hand at raised bed gardening, but would love to try! Thank you for taking the time to share such a great message to all!

  • Rae

    Birds, butterflies, and blossoms!

  • Spring means a fresh start and plan once again for a bountiful veggie garden, hopefully!

  • Finally being able to walk around and appreciate our new yard!

  • i love spring because it is so joyous to be outside working in the soil after the dreariness of winter!

  • Oh wow??? What I love most about spring is…the warmer sun, planting my seeds indoors, clearing and prepping my garden, planting my hanging baskets, taking the kids to the park, putting the coats away, well…everything. I hybernate all winter do this is my season to come back to life. Love it.

  • I want the plans…..this would make me want to start gardening again; which I miss doing.

  • Spring always reminds me of being a child again. Apples on the teacher’s desk, fresh smells of melting snow letting flowers peek their heads up through the ground. My best memories are all the gardens filled with growing vegetables soon to be canned or eaten fresh off the stock. Now with my new fixer-upper I purchased back in Nov. All that remains is putting in my colorful, dream vegetable garden…

  • I would love to have the plans. We live in Eastern Washington and moved my parents (ages 87 and 91) in with us 16 months ago. My Dad & I both have diabetes, so we are trying to eat healthier and grow part of our produce. My husband built me one “raised bed which I am grateful for. It isn’t really raised, but just built on the ground and is filled with soil to contain it since I don’t have much room available. I would love to have the plans so we can grow more produce to eat better. My mom would love to help me in the garden, but cannot bend over for any length of time. This would be perfect for us for more than one reason.

  • The birds! The bees! The sunshine in my face!

  • Would love to have the plans for my disabled brother, he loves to grow vegetables, but unable to work in a garden. This would be perfect for him to feel like he is contributing and give him a feeling of accomplishment. Also, great for me, due to arthritis, difficult to handle the chores associated with gardening. Would also help on the grocery bill each month. Thank you. I love spring !!

  • I am in a wheelchair and would love your plans!!!! I love spring because I can begin to get out of the house and work with the plants.

  • I want the plans. I have been looking for plans like these for my dad to build for me. I live in the Arizona desert and have to have my plants above ground. And would help me to get outside a little more since I am pretty much home bound due to problems walking,kneeling and such. Thanks for sharing.

  • We are so excited to start a garden with our kids at our new home!

  • What I love about spring is the renewal, seeing everything coming back to life, an entire new cycle of life. I would love the plans! We live in an urban area & I am determined to grow a full garden in our city yard.

  • I love to see spring come, because I have seasonal depression in the fall and winter months, I love to be able to finally get outside and enjoy what life has to offer this time of year. Birds everywhere, singing ,hummingbiords starting to show up at my feeders.
    I would love to have these plans. I have actually thought about trying to make some above ground gardens this year. I have Fibromyalgia and my health got so bad 3 years ago that I had to give up working after 35 years.It is very hard for me to get down on the ground level, or constantly bend over tending a garden, so having some that I could start gardening again with plants within easy reach would be just what I need.

  • Love this idea. Would LOVE the plans to build my own. Awesome

  • My favorite thing about spring is when you have that day where you feel the warmth of the sun again after winters cold breezes. Everything starts to grow, color returns to the dormant and all the winter coats are shed to enjoy all the outdoor activities. To all best wishes to your spring gardening; have fun and beautiful and or tasty harvests.

  • I want the plans πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • like the flowers and smells of spring I would like the plans

  • I love seeing the earth wake up, and so fast, after the long, hard winters! There are so many beautiful colors that surprise me every year, and some new vegetation surprises that animals “planted” the year before! Betsy

  • Spring brings back memories of my childhood and the anticipation I had for spring to arrive. I lived in Northern British Columbia, Canada. Winter temperatures back then could go as low as 40 below zero fairly often, and the snow, boy, could it get deep. While I enjoyed winter (for a while anyway), I was so ready for it to warm up and for life to reappear! Walking about a mile to and from school each day would find me crunching through the frozen icy puddles on the side of the road. In the afternoon we would build small snow dams on the side of the road and in the morning on the way to school we crunched through the dammed up puddles we had made. The farms we passed would be empty except for the pregnant animals one day and bursting with the bleats and baby noises the next. It was so exciting! The crocus would pop up in the snow at the same time, reminding us that there was more plants and flowers to follow soon. But most of all, I was always excited because my birthday was in the middle of April and as a child I always looked forward to them. The days were warming up and the daylight lasting a bit longer each day. The air was so fresh and clean smelling with the hint of warmer days on the horizon. Today as spring approaches, I am once more taken back to the days of my youth. Spring is definitely my favorite time of the year!

  • What’s not to like about Spring! Love the longer days and the warmer weather.

  • I’d love the plans! Our soil is such difficult clay. My husband and I were just talking about trying raised beds this year. This would be great to win!

  • I love looking at everybody’s gardens and planning my own! Spring means being outside with my grandkids and teaching them how fun it is to “grow your own”! I’d love to win plans from you! Thanks!

  • I love Spring because the warmth makes my arthritis more bearable and lifts my spirits! I makes me feel like seed ready to poke my head out the door and grow!

  • S pring P roduces R efreshing I ntense N ew G rowth! That’s what I

  • S pring P roduces R efreshing I ntense N ew G rowth! That’s what I

  • S pring P roduces R efreshing I ntense N ew G rowth! That’s what I love about SPRING!

  • Spring is already here in Arizona! I am new at gardening, and I need lots of help.
    Love your raised garden ideas!

  • I love watching the earth renew it’s self awakening after a long winter nap.God at his best. Spring.
    I’m in awe every spring.

  • Sue

    i want the plans – love getting my hands back in the dirt and the renewal of life each spring!

  • i want the plans! I love the new growth spring brings.

  • I love to garden but have never had luck with vegetables, last year I tried a rain gutter garden for vegetables but it was not a success. I’d love to try a raised bed garden but they seem expensive to build. Your design looks economic since it’s up on legs.

  • i want the plans:)

  • Message

  • I want the plans. I love the anticipation of the first iris blooming in my garden.

  • How do I love spring? Let me count the ways! I begin thinking of spring as soon as it’s too cold to go outside in the fall! Luckily I live in the south! When nature puts her green on and the nurseries fill with blooms and my forsythia pops out I’m on cloud 9!
    We moved about a year and a half ago and I now have room for a garden. Yay! First attempt was a bust! I’ve finally convinced my husband that raised beds are the way to go! I have scoured the Internet and pinterest for ideas. So glad I found yours! Hope I win a set of plans! Great website!!!

  • You have some amazing posts! I love the trellis idea that you have for all of your plants. We are a military family that moves, and this will be another spring that I am rebuilding our garden in a new location. Your beds look like something that we could take with us to another location. I used raised beds in our last area, but we were not able to reuse them.

  • I want the plan. Spring time to me is about getting my garden going when I can (I have bad knees) and planting new flowers, cleaning my yard making it look good after dweary wnter. Working on new outdoor projects. My spring this year is packed full of ideas in which I can accomplish them all. This will be the first year WS get to spend time with our only 9 month old grandson. It is going g to be a great summer,

  • I love how fresh everything smells.

  • These plans will help improve my health. We’re staring a plant base and juicing lifestyle change and were older. Being able to garden at off our knees or bending for long periods of time would be a huge plus. spring brings a smile to my face and the dogs are also very excited.

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