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  • It has been forever since I took pictures and posted them of my garden. I am growing potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, oranges on my orange trees, blackberries, parsley, cilantro, and basil. Of course I still have my onion patch too! I recently added black-eyed peas but dont have the pictures of them yet.

    I can’t believe my first year of teaching is almost over! I have three weeks left with my fifth graders and then I will hope they come back and visit me next year. I really have enjoyed teaching more than I thought I would. I have become passionate about science too! I talk about my garden to my class all the time and it’s fun to see it grow and change and use it for teaching too. Here are some pictures, I took these about a week ago. Good luck with your garden! Summer is almost here!


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  • Bee Cee 05.12.2014

    Beautiful green garden! Speaking of green, that’s what color I am now after seeing all the photos of your garden, especially the oranges. I live in Delaware so I’m not sure I could grow them here, at least not outdoors. Did you start them from seeds? Do you have a tutorial somewhere that might help me get started with an orange tree? I appreciate any help you can give me. Your plants certainly prove that you know what your doing. HAPPY GARDENING!

  • Bee Cee,
    Hi! I bought my orange trees from a local nursery. I would reccomend you do the same. I have never started them from seed and I think that would take a long time. The best thing to do is ask a local gardener what works for them, there might be a group that meets and shares their harvest or at least advice. Besh wishes to you!

  • What I know of oranges is that you can grow a tree from a seed but it will not probably taste like the orange it came out of. Oranges are typically grafted, but I don’t know much more than that. Oh, other than it may very well be more bitter than sweet if grown from seed.
    I had planted 6 cucumber seeds and all but 2 died. So I replanted and now everything is up, but those first 2; Holy cow! they are huge and I have tons of little cukes. How do I know when they are ready to harvest? They’ll be bread and butter pickles, mostly for gifting.

  • Barbara,
    Hi! I usually pick cucumbers when they seem to get the right size as the ones in the grocery store. I know if you wait to long, they can get too big and tough. So excited for you!! WOW! I love it!
    best wishes,

  • Your garden looks great! I downloaded your raised garden plans and will be building two of them tomorrow. What are you using for trellis’ in these pics?

  • David,
    Hi! So excited for you!
    Here are the details on my trellis:
    Good luck to you!

  • What a great looking garden! I am really glad that I got your plans and built some of the boxes. I love the way that I can reach all the way across from one side and that I can adjust the height to make it easier for me to access without bending too much as I have a bad back. Thanks for the update on your garden. I so look forward to your emails so I can see what else you have grown. Keep on gardening and enjoying every second of it.

  • I love the many varied ideas presented in this forum. I will look forward with interest to future posts and will implement many of the ideas that I deem appropriate for our garden.

  • Bought your plans a few years back. Hubby built 4. Moved them from GA to Mi when we retired last year and built 4 more. Asked for 4 more this year for my birthday(April). Absolutely love mine. Looking into cold frame cover designs to start earlier and extend growing season here is in Michigan.

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