Summer garden planted!

  • It has been way too long! I am finally back in my garden and this past week I got it planted. My garden is my piece of heaven on Earth and oh how I have missed it. My orange tree is huge and my pomegranate is growing great too. The orange blossom smells are amazing! My boxes are a hodge podge of old designs that I experimented with and my latest tried and true design that I offer here on my blog. I thought after three years I would need to replace some tubs, but those things are sturdy. I looked past a few cracks on the rims and got busy planting.

    I planted: cucumbers, basil, peppers, cilantro, lots of tomatoes, okra from seed, green beans and onions. I’m so happy to have my happy place back! Good luck with your garden and your happy place; let me know what you are planting this Spring. ~Melanie









    March 29th, 2015 | 5 Comments |

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  • Paige 03.29.2015

    Love the summer garden! It all looks so good. Excited to see you blogging again, I love reading your posts and seeing your gorgeous pictures!

  • Hi! I just built my first planters! I made a small modification, since I’m on a patio, I added casters to be able to move it.

    Thanks for great plans!

  • Jill,
    Congrats! Such a great idea!!! Good luck to you!

  • Hi Melanie, so happy to see you back. Looking forward to your continued blog. Are you still teaching??

  • Arlene,
    Hi! Thanks for the support! Yes, I am still teaching 5th grade Science – busy as ever as we prepare for end of the year state testing! Thanks again,

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