Basic Building Tips

  • 1. Wear saftey goggles when cutting wood and screwing boards.

    2. While screwing in a screw with the electric drill, be sure to hold the drill exactly perpendicular to the board, or in line with the screw head. If you are angled slightly, it will cause the screw to strip and it wont completely inset into the board.

    3. Use a flat work area to assemble the box; it makes it easier to align the boards when screwing them together.

    4. If you are working alone, it is a good idea to straddle the boards and lean over to have more leverage. When screwing boards together, I always let gravity help me and screw from above.

    5. If you are new to building projects, be sure to read through plans one time from start to finish before beginning to build.

    6. Never use electrical equipment around water.