Sweet potatoes

  • I have never planted sweet potato before, but I learned that you can’t just plant a chunk of sweet potato in the ground like a regular potato.  A sweet potato “slip” is planted and then it takes root and grows the sweet potatoes under the ground.  Several months ago I started my sweet potato slip.  I bought a sweet potato at the store and propped it up in a jar and for let it sit in water for about a month.  About week two I added a bit of miracle grow to boost it along. (Gardening does teach me patience) I waited until my slip was about 18 inches long.  I planted it in one of the tubs in my garden by laying it in a shallow trench.  This slip has gone crazy!  It multiplied and is so bushy now.  I really can’t wait to dig them up and see what is under ground.  My husband Kent knows a sweet potato grower and he asked him when to harvest.  He told him when the vines turn yellow.  Gosh I can’t wait!  Stay tuned for harvest and I will for sure post pictures!  The vines seem to go everywhere.  The last picture is how big they have gotten.  I wish I would have recorded the day I planted them – next year I will!  Enjoy the pics and come back to see how the harvest goes. One thing I realized today was how much I like to look at what is growing up close.  I love have the raised beds up for that reason.  I love seeing everything more at eye level.

    the start of my sweet potato slip


    about 2 weeks after I planted the slip, it started spreading


    getting bigger – they are super easy too. I water twice a day on hot days and miracle grow weekly

    growing over edges














    taken 5/24/12. Kent told me they will harvest in August. I can't wait to see how many sweet potatoes I get!


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  • Peace,
    I’d like to know how I can obtain the black tubs used in your garden?
    Thanx, Lina

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