Plant rescue

  • I made one last minute run to Wal-mart on Christmas eve and found three six-packs in the garden department looking kinda sad. The lady told me I could have them for $1.25 each, so I didn’t have to think long about rescuing them. My lettuce had gone to seed and I was looking for something to replant there. I bought 18 plants for $3.75, so that’s 21 cents a plant. It’s more than the cost of seed, but I couldn’t pass them by. I pulled out the old lettuce, threw it in my composter, and turned over the soil in my bed. I planted them just before the wind storm and freezing cold front blew in and covered them last night. Brrr! It’s cold here in Texas! I have never grown cauliflower so I’m excited about trying it, and lettuce in the spring time will be great!

    their new home!

    their new home!

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