Cauliflower and broccoli heads

  • I rescued these cauliflower plants the day after Christmas from walmart. I never can resist picking up something to grow in a garden department, especially if it needs a good home. I was excited to find a baby head on my cauilflower and posted it here, but came to realize that it wasn’t a true head and I pulled it off. Water and fertilizer and of course daily love have helped my cauliflower leaves to look great and healthy but yesterday I opened them up and was so surprised to see a head inside! I have never grown cauliflower before so it’s always exciting to have success at growing something for the first time. I have several of these, but this one was the biggest. I love cauliflower in stir fry – it is delicious! I noticed my broccoli has a few tiny heads as well! I think these are more cooler weather crops. I had great success with broccoli in the fall and love having two seasons to grow here in Texas. Many things you can plant in early fall can also be planted in early spring, both ends of the season. I am so blessed to have a garden and be able to grow what I love!






    If you are new to my garden site, here are the benefits of gardening this way and feel free to click around and see what else I grow.

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  • Emily Fulmer 04.10.2013

    Ok, I just found your blog and I love it! I am a backyard grower and urban chicken keeper myself and I thought others might want to know about a way that we can help alleviate hunger in our communities. is a website where backyard growers and community gardeners can link up with food pantries that desperately need our excess produce. We always have more veggies than my little family can eat during harvest time and this is a great way to help our hungry neighbors. Instead of throwing it in the compost pile, you can donate it to a food pantry! Thanks for what you’re doing!

  • Emily,
    Thanks for the kind comment! I checked out your website and think it is wonderful. I hope others find it as well. I will look into it and spread the word! Good luck to you! Melanie

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