One purple leaf

  • One thing I have noticed about my sweet potato plants is their one purple leaf. The newest leaf is purple and it slowly turns green just in time for a new purple leaf to pop up. I have often wished I had a time-lapse camera on my garden because everything grows so quickly. I have read that the vines will get crazy on these sweet potato plants going all the way to the ground. I will grow them for 90 days, with harvest time around August 10th. If you are curious what they looked like just 17 days ago, see this post.

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  • Never knew about the purple leaf as we’ve only grown regular and red potatoes.. thanks for teaching me this fact!

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  • I was at the farmers market today and they were selling sweet potato greens (leaf & stems). I asked how they prepared them and they said you could sauté them or just throw them in a salad. Who knew? I plan to harvest some of my leafs and give it a try.

  • yes Penny – you can eat them in a stir fry, just wilted as a green – or pick the tender little leaves and add to your salad mix!

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