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  • My sweet potatoes arrived yesterday and I had three beds waiting for them. I am very pleased with my order from George’s Plant Farm. I ordered 12 plants and received about 18. I turned over the soil with my small hand shovel and planted the small plants. In the directions included with the plants it said I would have sweet potatoes in 90 days, about August 10th will be harvest time! I planted six in each bed, it might be too tight I’m not sure. So exciting, let the sweet potato journey begin!










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  • Vera 05.10.2013

    Hi! How are the sweet potatoes doing? Do they make eyes like regular potatoes, and can they be planted that way? I’m a complete novice, and planting in raised containers. I’d like to try potatoes and sweet potatoes, but want to start slow. Pearland brings back memories – my husband and I lived just off the “Nolan Ryan” Expressway for 4 years! I’m enjoying your blog!

  • Vera,
    Howdy fellow Texan! Regular potatoes are planted with the piece of the potato (eyes sprouting) and sweet potatoes are grown by planting a “slip” or twig that sprouts out of the eye. I hope that makes sense. I bought my sweet potato slips online from tatorman.com. Last year I grew my own slips from a sweet potato but this year I just bought the slips. I bought 12 slips for $13. I hope that helps and please stay in touch! Melanie

  • […] One thing I have noticed about my sweet potato plants is their one purple leaf. The newest leaf is purple and it slowly turns green just in time for a new purple leaf to pop up. I have often wished I had a time-lapse camera on my garden because everything grows so quickly. I have read that the vines will get crazy on these sweet potato plants going all the way to the ground. I will grow them for 90 days, with harvest time around August 10th. If you are curious what they looked like just 17 days ago, see this post. […]

  • I really like your raised concept but are your containers deep enough. The reason I ask is in my raised beds the soil was about seven or eight inches deep and I was never successful in growing things like beets, carrots, peppers or sweet potatoes. This year I also bought sweet potatoes from George but made a 6’x8’x15″ bed just for the sweet potatoes. I just planted mine today in compost and grass clippings. It will be interesting to see how yours grow. How deep is your container? Thanks Gary

  • Gary,
    I have successfully grown lots of things in my beds, but carrots do not get very long. I will let you know about the sweet potatoes this year, but last year I had success growing them in the containers.
    My containers are 8″ deep. I had success with regualr potatoes recently too. I haven’t tried beets so I am not sure about those. Good luck!
    Let me know how your sweet potatoes turn out. What variety did you plant?

  • […] get around to digging them til this past Saturday. I started these sweet potato slips back on┬áMay 10th. I had planned on planting 12 plants but when I received 18 plants in the mail, I was thrilled and […]

  • Do you have photos of the grown sweet potatoes? Reading in 2020!

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