A raised urban garden in Florida, gotta love it!

  • I have a facebook page found here and have been bad about checking it lately but I got on yesterday and found this picture and message from

    “Hi Melanie!! It’s been a while since I posted about my tiny farm:) look how full everything is!! I have every herb possible, & tons of greens for my juicing!! I owe it all to you!”


    So yeah really it made my day! I always hope my plans are helping others but what a treat to see a garden in Florida! Thank you so much for taking the time to share your picture Amalie.

    To all my blog followers,
    Send me pictures of your garden and I will share them on my blog! Any picture will do, you can take it with your phone!
    Email your pictures to: melellsworth@gmail.com

    I am so excited spring is finally here. I planted tomatoes, peppers, endame, chives, basil and cilantro yesterday. I loved digging in the dirt!
    Thanks again Amalie for making my day!

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  • Phyllis Kesling 03.13.2014

    My grand son lives in Key Largo and is raising a yard full of fruit trees. where are you located in the keys?

  • Phyllis,
    Hi! I am in Texas and this picture is from a gardener in Florida, not sure what part. All that Florida sun is great for fruit trees!
    Good luck to you!

  • Hi Melanie, nice to see my garden on your blog!! I’m in Orlando Florida for anyone asking… I will send you a picture of the small bed I made as well. It didn’t fit in this pic. On the trellis now I have a million green tomatoes ready to ripen!! I will have to share with my friends or learn how to can them!!!
    Look out on FB tomorrow for another pic….and to anyone wondering if they should build one of these…DO IT!!.

  • Also for anyone wondering what’s on these raised beds other than herbs? Cherry and roma tomatoes, jalapeño peppers, spinach, cilantro, lots and lots of parsley that just keeps growing and growing, Green onions and red onions, 3 different types of peppers, and on the half bed not pictured I have mini eggplant , collard greens, more peppers and herbs… On the ground planters are lots of kale and collard greens, mints, chives, more tomatoes and flowers to attract bees. Also a small lime tree and a chamomile plant.

  • Hi Amalie, I too am in Orlando! I love your layout, it looks great!

    This afternoon I’m building the Raised Garden using Melanie’s plans.

    I’m new to the area, so I don’t really know what the planting season is. Do you (or anyone else) know of a good resource on what the planting season is for Central Florida?


  • Hi Scott,
    There is a website operated by the UF extension department that is pretty awesome. The site tells you month by month what you can plant, and grow, and approximate time of growth. They also have a book you might want to purchase. Check it out. It helped me greatly. In Florida you can grow all year. I had a neighbor in Clermont who was a snowbird she planted her little garden as soon as she arrived every year. She ate frpm that garden until spring when she went back home.

  • Hi Melanie. Really enjoyed your site. I am new to gardening and looking forward to learning more. Can’t wait to build the raised beds. I’m in SW Florida and would appreciate any ideas from other readers. Thanks.

  • I think this site contains some very great info for everyone

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