Happy Spring! I’m still here!

  • Hi! I am still offering these garden plans if you are thinking of starting a garden this spring! It is the perfect time! I am headed to Utah in a week to build two for my daughter! She is soo excited to start her spring garden. Happy Spring Everyone!

    April 24th, 2018 | 17 Comments |

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  • Andrea 04.24.2018

    I’m happy to see you’re still here! I’ve loved reading your old posts.

  • So happy to see you’re still here… I bought your plans last year and was looking for more info when I saw your post. My husband and I transplanted ourselves from California to Ogden, Utah about 2 years ago and seem to have developed black thumbs (in addition to his back surgery). Bending over for extended periods of time is difficult for us right now and I was thrilled to find your plans. We want to start growing organic and we are trying to figure out how to grow throughout the year, even in the snow too. We are such newbies, we don’t even know yet what grows best in Utah, what should be planted at what time of year and how and when to water. Since your daughter is here in Utah, perhaps you have some suggestions for us snow birds. Keep up the wonderful work. I’m going back to your first articles to catch myself up on suggestions you’ve already made. Be well, and God bless.

  • Hi!
    I’m interested in getting your garden plans to make my own planters. Do you know the average cost of the materials? Thanks!!!

  • Kimmie,
    Hi! Sorry I missed seeing this sooner. The average cost to make a two tub box is $55 and then $20 for the soil, so $75 and then you will add the seeds or plants.
    thanks and good luck to you!

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