Welcome Spring!

  • Welcome Spring! It’s been busy and crazy but so happy spring is here!
    I am looking forward to planting my spring garden! Wishing everyone joy and happiness
    as you enjoy outdoors!

    March 25th, 2017 | 3 Comments |

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  • Traci Stewart 03.25.2017

    I love your plans. They were so well done and easy to read. Anyone thinking of building a raised bed like these should buy these plans. My husband has built 6 of the raised beds so far. We did modify to make 6″ taller so there is no bending at all. He also modified a 7th one to only having one tub and the other side a flat table top. He didn’t put holes in the tub so I can use this one for mixing and to use for other projects as well. I do have a quick question. How much watering should we do? We set up a soaker hose with a timer for 15 minutes a day. My husband thinks that is too much but I don’t think it’s enough. We live in Southern California.

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  • Traci,
    Hi! Sorry I did not see this earlier. I usually water ever day but make sure the tubs are drain well. Good luck to you!

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