Sugar snap peas

  • Last year my sugar snap peas were thick and juicy and this years variety is the thinner type. I’m not sure why.  Sugar snap peas are great for stir fry and the kids just love to take them in their lunches as a snack.  I always eat some in my garden while I’m watering so I don’t get in the house with as many as I like.  I just planted a new round of seeds and they are coming up.  I know they will do well in the cold so plant some now if you haven’t already started some.

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  • marylou nelson 12.04.2012

    I love this idea but you dont show what they are attached to? How deep is you dirt? And where do you live zone wize?

  • Marylou,
    Hi! I live in the Houston, Texas area which is zone 9a. The dirt is in a raised bed that is a new unique garden design I invented. I have all the specs in my plans. The trellis that the peas are growing on is a cattle panel that I bent in the shape of an arch and secured to my raised beds. If you want more information on the plans of my garden you can click on this link.

    Good luck gardening! Let me know how your garden is growing.

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